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Implementation Plan for the Zhejiang High-Quality Development and Establishment of a Demonstration Zone for Common Prosperity (2021-2025)


This 52-point outline of an ambitious urban planning project that, guided by Xi’s Common Prosperity concept, is intended to be a model for how the country will resolve “regional gaps, urban-rural gaps, and income gaps” and transition to a more innovation-driven, high-quality economic development model.

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In order to thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the spirit of Chairman Xi Jinping’s important instructions on the work in Zhejiang; to fully implement the Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Supporting Zhejiang’s High-Quality Development and Building a Demonstration Zone for Common Prosperity; to faithfully implement the “Eight-Eight Strategy” and strive to create an “important window”; to firmly adhere to the “Five Principles of Work” that adhere to the Party’s overall leadership, focus on people, joint construction and sharing, reform and innovation, and system concepts; to focus on the “Four Strategic Positionings” of the high-quality development and high-quality life pioneer area, the coordinated development of urban and rural areas, the pilot area for the reform of the income distribution system, and the civilized, harmonious, and beautiful homes exhibition area, in accordance with the “Two-Phase Development Goals” by 2025 and 2035; to persist in what the country needs, what Zhejiang can do, what the masses want, and what the future holds; to keep our feet firmly on the ground; to work hard for long periods of time; to restrain ones appetite; and to not engage in “excessive things” but instead do ones best and do what one can; to creatively and systematically implement the various objectives and tasks of the demonstration zone establishment; to take the lead in exploring the establishment of a better society of common prosperity; to provide Zhejiang demonstration for the realization of common prosperity; and to work on the ground, walk at the forefront, and stand firm at the forefront, the implementation plan for the 14th Five-Year Plan period is specially formulated as follows.


I. Fully Detailed Implementation of Development Goals 


Persist in meeting the people’s growing needs for a better life as a fundamental goal, taking reform and innovation as the fundamental driving force, and focus on resolving regional gaps, urban-rural gaps, and income gaps. Pay greater attention to rural areas, grassroots, and relatively underdeveloped areas; lean toward the needy people; solidly promote common prosperity in high-quality development; and accelerate the breakthrough of the problem of unbalanced and insufficient development. Take the lead in realizing theoretical innovation, practical innovation, institutional innovation, and cultural innovation in promoting common prosperity. By 2025, promote high-quality development and build a demonstration zone of common prosperity to achieve obvious and substantial progress to form a staged landmark achievement. 


—— Take the lead in fundamentally establishing the institutional mechanism and policy framework to promote common prosperity and strive to become a provincial example of the reform and exploration of common prosperity. Use digital reforms to instigate common prosperity systems and mechanism innovations to achieve major breakthroughs, better combine effective markets with effective government, deepen reforms in the social sphere in an all-round way, and effectively remove institutional barriers that restrict high-quality development and high-quality living. Ensure that income and wealth distribution mechanisms reflect social equity and fundamentally establish high-quality sharing mechanisms for public services and provincially integrated development mechanisms. Fundamentally establish policies and systems for fiscal policies, taxation, social security, transfer payments, finance, and land that promote common prosperity. Form a target system, work system, policy system, and evaluation system that allow some to get rich first who will then bring others along, and promote common prosperity and a batch of universal experiences that can be replicated and promoted. 


—— Take the lead in fundamentally forming a more dynamic, innovative, and competitive high-quality development model and strive to become a provincial example of high-quality economic development. Significantly improve the quality and efficiency of economic development and achieve a per capita GDP on par with relatively developed economies. Fully unleash entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity and develop a total of 11 million market entities. Give everyone the opportunity to develop their talents and make their dreams come true and basically instill Zhejiang with vigor for the new era. Make significant progress in the establishment of high-level innovative provinces and the three high-tech innovation highlands and significantly improve industrial competitive advantages. Fundamentally complete a high-level transportation province and find a high-quality demonstration province for rural revitalization. Accelerate the establishment of a virtuous cycle of coordinated advancement of upgrades to industries and consumption with the mutual promotion of economic and social structures. Fundamentally build the strategic fulcrum of domestic circulation and the strategic hub of domestic and international dual circulation. In the process of taking the lead in realizing common prosperity, smooth the virtuous cycles of the economy and create a strong and active point of growth. 


—— Take the lead in fundamentally forming an “olive-shaped” social structure around the middle-class and strive to become an example of the continuous narrowing of the income gap at the regional, urban-rural, and provincial levels. Bring the per capita disposable income of residents to 75,000 renminbi (RMB) with labor compensation accounting for more than 50 percent of GDP and continue to improve the ratio of per capita disposable income of residents to overall per capita GDP. Continue to expand the size of the middle class, continue to optimize its structure, and continue to improve its quality of life. Bring the proportion of the group with an annual disposable income of RMB 100,000 to 500,000 to 80 percent and strive to bring the proportion of the group with RMB 200,000 to 600,000 to 45 percent. Significantly reduce the development gap between urban and rural areas and the disparity in income and living standards of urban and rural residents. Reach an urbanization rate for the permanent population of 75 percent, reduce the income gap between urban and rural residents to less than 1.9, and reduce the gap between the highest and lowest per capita disposable income in districts and cities to less than 1.55. Continue to narrow the income gap between high- and low-income groups of urban and rural residents and significantly improve the income-increasing capabilities, quality of life, and social welfare of low-income groups. 


—— Take the lead in fundamentally realizing the high-quality sharing of public services throughout the life cycles of the people and strive to become a provincial example of co-construction and sharing of quality life. Equalize the basic public services and promote a higher level of education for young children, education for learning, income from work, medical care for the sick, support for the elderly, housing for all, and support for the weak. Fundamentally establish a “15-minute public service circle” for preschool education, public health, elderly care, and physical fitness to achieve more universal and equal access to public services in urban and rural areas. Further improve the infant and childcare service system so that there are 4.5 childcare facilities for infants and young children per 1,000 people and so that the proportion of children in kindergartens above the secondary level and inclusive kindergartens reaches 75 percent and 90 percent, respectively. Fundamentally complete the high-quality education system such that the main development indicators of education reach internationally and domestically advanced levels, the coefficient of inter-school disparity in compulsory education at the county level continues to shrink, the gross enrollment rate of higher education reaches more than 70 percent, the average expected years of education for children is 15.5 years, and the average number of years of education of the working-age population exceeds the national average. Fundamentally synchronize labor compensation with increases in labor productivity such that the proportion of skilled personnel in the workforce increases significantly to 35 percent. Fundamentally achieve a healthy Zhejiang such that main population health indicators fully reach the level of high-income countries, average life expectancy exceeds 80 years, the proportion of personal health expenditures out of total health expenditures is controlled below 26 percent, the supply of high-quality medical resources is more adequate, and the layout is more balanced for more than 90 percent of county-level clinic visits. Further improve the social security and old-age service systems to achieve full coverage of social security for legal persons with attainable basic pensions. Comprehensively advance high-quality elderly care so that the elderly may be happy and have a proper place in society. Accelerate the establishment of the building blocks of common prosperity and modernization and effectively address rental difficulties. Renovate older communities where necessary and promote future communities and new rural communities globally, with the benefit coverage rate of urban housing security reaching 23 percent. Establish a new era social assistance system with hierarchical classification and urban-rural coordination in an all-round way, increase the subsistence allowance by no less than the increase in per capita disposable income, and accelerate the formation of a digital society that is shared by all. 


—— Give greater prominence to the beauty of the humanities and strive to become a provincial example of universal spiritual abundance. Deeply implement the New Era Culture Zhejiang Project and continue to increase cultural self-confidence with overall improvements to cultural soft power and more distinctive new social trends. Fundamentally build a strong cultural province with Jiangnan characteristics, guided by core socialist values, inheriting China’s superior culture, and embodying the spirit of the times. Widely practice the core values of socialism, significantly enhance the cohesion of humanistic spirit, and reflect humanistic care in every corner of urban and rural areas. Add abundance to the supply of high-quality modern culture in the whole region with a modern cultural service system that fully covers and integrates urban and rural areas. Achieve a coverage rate of 100 percent for the “15-minute quality cultural life circle” and “15-minute civilized practices service circle” and a compliance rate of 100 percent for the coverage of cultural facilities at the city, county, and township levels. Reach a coverage rate of 100 percent for the creation of a global civilization, continuously improve the establishment level of 11 districts and cities nationwide, and ensure that more than 50 percent of counties (cities) become a national civilized city. Further amplify the recognition of the “most beautiful Zhejianger,” reach a realization rate of more than 90 percent for good, civilized habits with the national quality and the level of social civilization reaching new heights. Become a cultural highland in the new era as the vanguard province of socialist modernization. 


—— Give greater prominence to the beauty of nature and strive to become a provincial example of the establishment of beautiful large gardens across the region. Solidify new achievements in the establishment of a beautiful Zhejiang and fundamentally complete the first demonstration zone of a beautiful China. Achieve a comprehensive environment status index ranking at the forefront of the country with the average concentration of PM2.5 in districted cities continuing to decline and the proportion of surface water that meets or exceeds Grade III water quality increasing by more than 95 percent. Establish parks and green spaces within the city that are within a 10-minute walk and significantly enhance public awareness of the environment. Achieve significant results in the implementation the carbon emission peaking campaign to promote a comprehensive green transformation, with green industry development, resource and energy utilization efficiency, and clean energy development ranking at the forefront of the country. Further expand the transformational channels of the “clear waters and green mountains are as valuable as gold and silver mountains” campaign, fully implement the ecological product value realization mechanism, and take the lead in forming a system of ecological civilization. 


—— Give greater prominence to the beauty of harmony and strive to become a provincial example of social harmony and unity. Fundamentally complete the overall Party-building-led smart governance system, integrate the establishment of the Rule of Law in China and Harmony in China demonstration zones, deepen the establishment of a clean Zhejiang, significantly optimize the political ecosystem, further demonstrative the effectiveness of the Party’s comprehensive and strict self-governance, and fundamentally form a lively and orderly modern society. Further ingrain socialist democracy and the rule of law, fully demonstrate social fairness and justice, and significantly improve the legal literacy of residents. Continue to deepen the “Maple Bridge Experience” in the new era; achieve full coverage and completion of the national pilot project for the modernization of social governance in cities at a high level; and achieve decreases year by year in the death rate from production safety accidents, the crime rate per 10,000 people, and the rate of litigation among 10,000 people. Clean up cyberspace and fundamentally form a social governance pattern of co-construction, co-governance, and sharing. Improve closed-loop risk management and security mechanisms to realize the organic unity of an enriched and peaceful people with the country’s top levels of satisfaction in the sense of well-being and security among the people.


II. Carry Out and Service the Establishment of a New Development Pattern and Promote the Vanguard Demonstration of High-Quality Economic Development 


1. Fundamentally form the Zhejiang path of a new nationwide system of science and technology (S&T) innovation. Taking the establishment of a high-level and innovative province as a starting point with self-reliance and self-improvement in S&T as a strategic support, focus on the establishment of the three high-tech innovation highlands of “internet +,” life and health, and new materials; form a global innovation system with Zhejiang characteristics; build a nationally influential S&T innovation center; and provide a strong endogenous motivation to take the lead in achieving common prosperity. Implement key core technology “RMB 100 billion” projects; develop and implement a 10-year action plan for basic research; promote key research and organization methods, such as the use of open competition and a horse racing system; promote the Peak, Pioneer, Leading Goose, and Navigator plans; and accelerate the realization of a number of major achievements that fill gaps and lead the future. Implement major scientific research platform facility “RMB 100 billion” projects and concentrate efforts to promote the construction of the Hangzhou West S&T University Corridor as a source of innovation and the establishment of a comprehensive science center. Accelerate the construction of S&T innovation corridors such as Yongjiang, Daluoshan, Zhezhong, and G60; support Zhijiang Laboratory in becoming a core support of the national laboratory system; and accelerate the construction of laboratories in Liangzhu, West Lake, Hupan, Yongjiang, and Oujiang as well as in other provinces. Support Zhejiang University and West Lake University as they build national strategic S&T forces, introduce and incubate a number of new high-level research institutes, and strive to have more major S&T infrastructure projects included in national planning. Implement high-tech industry development “RMB 100 billion” projects with the high-level construction of the Hangzhou, Ningbo, and Wenzhou national independent innovation demonstration zones; promote the construction of a high-tech industrial belt around Hangzhou Bay; and promote full coverage of national high-tech zones in districted cities and full coverage of provincial-level high-tech zones in industrially strong counties to increase the added value of high-tech industries by more than RMB 100 billion every year. Accelerate the implementation of a new round of action plans for the “double growth” of high-tech enterprises and small and medium-sized technological enterprises. Support enterprises that collaborate with scientific research institutes and institutions of higher learning to form systematic and task-based innovation consortia, corporate communities, and intellectual property alliances. Build common technology platforms such as a technological innovation center and a collaborative engineering innovation center. Create major application scenarios around the “S&T Brain + Lab of the Future,” build a modern S&T innovation governance system, improve innovation incentive and guarantee mechanisms, and optimize the 10-linked innovation ecosystem of “Industry, Academia, Scientific Research, the Conversion of Achievements into Practical Applications, Finance, Talent, Policy, Intermediary Services, the Environment, and the Cloud.” Develop national defense S&T and promote military-civilian collaborative innovation. Explore new paths for county-level innovative development and incubate a number of national innovative counties (cities). 


2. Vigorously build a global digital transformation highland. Deepen the construction of the national digital economy innovation and development pilot zone, build a digital economy system around the “Industrial Brain + Factory of the Future,” accelerate the formation of digital industry clusters with global influence such as in digital security and integrated circuits, achieve full coverage of industrial brain applications and industrial internet platforms in industrial clusters valued in the tens of billions, and form a group of new smart manufacturing enterprises. Fundamentally build a global digital trade center, implement the “335” campaign for the high-quality development of cross-border e-commerce, deepen the establishment of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot areas across the province, continue to promote the “Global Selling” Special 10,000 Shops Incubation Campaign, organize a global digital trade fair, actively strive for dedicated internet data channels, and explore the formulation of digital trade rules and standards. Deeply develop new service campaigns for digital life; carry out the cloudification of thousands of enterprises and the online operation of millions of merchants; introduce and incubate open platforms for digital life; enrich and enliven online consumption formats such as online education, online medical care, and online culture and sports; and become a leading province for new digital life services. Implement the digital dividend sharing campaign for all people and formulate policy mechanisms to eliminate the digital divide. Accelerate the construction of the next-generation internet and achieve full coverage of 5G and gigabit network base stations at the township level and above. Promote the development of various digital platforms to meet the needs of disadvantaged groups with functional modules and interfaces, lower the threshold for the use of new technologies in the public services sector, promote digital carriers such as mobile micro courts, improve the inclusive functionality of digital technology, and ensure that different groups can better share in digital dividends. Explore the development of a system of digital systems and standards; establish basic systems and standards for data resource ownership, transaction circulation, cross-border transmission, and security; and actively participate in the formulation of domestic and international rules and standards in the digital field. 


3. Accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system with international competitiveness. Consolidate and strengthen the foundation of the real economy and consolidate the industrial foundation for common prosperity. Explore the new path of “vacating the cages to make way for new birds and give rise to the phoenix” and accelerate the establishment of a global advanced manufacturing base. Deeply implement manufacturing industry infrastructure reengineering and industrial chain upgrading projects and iterative and systematic implementation plans for upgrading to create 10 iconic production chains. Implement industrial cluster cultivation and upgrading activities, cultivate the “415” advanced manufacturing clusters, implement future industry incubation and acceleration plans, cultivate a group of “new star” industrial clusters, and accelerate the construction of future industrial pilot zones. Implement the traditional manufacturing transformation and upgrading version 2.0 and create a national demonstration area for traditional manufacturing transformations and upgrades. Strive to create a national manufacturing high-quality development pilot zone, build a batch of manufacturing high-quality development demonstration parks and a new industry platform of “ten thousand acres and hundreds of billions of RMB.” Focus on characteristic and advantageous industries and build characteristic towns at a high level. Strive to create a comprehensive pilot program for expanding the opening up of the service industry; innovate and improve upon the modern service industry development policy system; accelerate the digitization, standardization, and branding of the service industry; build a batch of modern service industry innovation development zones; promote the deep integration of the modern service industry with advanced manufacturing and modern agriculture; and create a batch of pilot areas and enterprises. Deepen the establishment of a province with a strong quality, a strong standard, and a strong brand; create a famous production area for famous products, enterprises, and industries; implement a “brand and trademark” extension and quality improvement campaign; and launch “Made in Zhejiang” and “Zhejiang Service” brands. 


4. Create a gravitational field to draw in global high-end elements. Implement a more open talent policy and deepen the implementation of the “Kunpeng Campaign” plan. Promote the “Three Talent Highlands Support Campaign” and the “Six Major Talents Incubation Campaign” for high-quality talents. Build platforms such as the World Young Scientist Summit; cultivate a group of world-class scientists, technology leaders, engineers, and high-level innovation teams; and accelerate the establishment of a global talent pool. Build a batch of talent management reform pilot zones and take the lead in the market evaluation of talents, the increase of knowledge value, the collaborative innovation of talents, and the integration of talent services to stimulate talent innovation vitality. Accelerate the construction of a technology trading system that radiates across the country and connects to the world, strengthens the application of S&T achievements and industrialization policies, builds version 3.0 of the online technology market and the “Zhejiang Auction” brand, and promotes the flow of technology elements across borders and regions. Build a digitally intelligent regional financial operation system, deepen the construction of the mobile payments province, strive for digital RMB pilot projects, explore the construction of a “finance brain,” accelerate the construction of emerging financial centers, and create a pioneering province for digitally intelligent finance. Implement the upgraded version of the smooth financing project, deepen the reform of inclusive finance, carry out the first lender expansion campaign, carry out pilot projects for regional equity market innovation, deepen the reform of the government financing guarantee institution system, strive for a pilot reform of rural credit cooperatives, and build a policy system for common prosperity in financial services. Build a modern circulation system; promote the efficient linkage of the “four ports” of seaports, dry ports, airports, and information ports; create a national and regional circulation node city; cultivate modern circulation enterprises and commerce hub-type markets with global competitiveness; form an interconnected, smart, and green digital circulation system; and enhance the competitiveness of modern circulation. 


5. Expand household consumption and effective investments. Promote the quality and expansion of consumption, incubate international consumption center cities, strengthen the construction of community commerce and rural consumption infrastructure, and continue to promote the transformation and upgrading of farmer’s markets. Accelerate the incubation of new consumption models and business formats, develop new retail, expand new consumption scenarios, vigorously develop the night economy, increase the supply of high-quality goods and services, launch the “Zhelilai Consumer” brand, build new consumption centers, strive for innovative consumption model cities, and strengthen the protection of consumer rights. Enhance the competitiveness of urban living costs, stabilize prices, and improve service quality. Eliminate administrative restrictions on consumer purchases in an orderly fashion. Promote smooth switching in the integration of domestic and foreign trade, build a rapid-response supply chain industry demonstration park, strive to increase the establishment of departure tax rebate shops and duty-free shops, continue to amplify the spillover effects of the China International Import Expo, participate in exhibitions and promote the return of consumption by supporting a shift from exports to domestic sales of high-quality products, and launch the “Trendy Chinese Goods” brand. To implement a new round of effective investment expansions under guidance of the promotion of common prosperity, deeply implement provincial, municipal, and county leadership projects and works; vigorously promote the “Two News and One Major” construction and “6 100 Billions” industrial investment projects, and expand diversified investment in public services, agriculture, and rural areas. Create new investment and financing systems and mechanisms, standardize and promote collaboration models between government and social capital, steadily promote the pilot projects of real estate investment trust funds in the field of infrastructure, and expand domestic and overseas financing channels for major projects. 


6. Accelerate the establishment of a major hub for the Belt and Road Initiative. Enhance the four hub functions of digital innovation, trade logistics, industrial collaboration, and person-to-person exchanges, and iteratively promote the construction of landmark projects and major supporting projects. Accelerate the construction of the Ningbo Zhoushan Port as a world-class and powerful port; create an international airport gateway with a population of 100 million people; promote the construction of the open corridor connecting Yiwu, Ningbo, and Zhoushan; and enhance the market competitiveness of the “Yiwu-Xinjiang-Europe” China-Europe Express. Strive to create an open highland for the entire oil and gas production chain. Relying on the pilot free trade zone, promote the construction of international oil and gas trading centers, international petrochemical bases, and international oil and gas storage and transportation bases in an innovative way and build the Ningbo Zhoushan National Commodity Strategic Reserve Base and Global Resource Allocation Center. Deepen the establishment of the China-Central and Eastern European Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Zones. Improve the energy level of the China-Central and Eastern European Countries Expo and implement the Silk Road Pilot three-year action plan. Improve the connected development network of overseas economic and trade cooperation zones and the series of stations and international industrial cooperation parks. Create high-quality foreign investment clusters and high-level foreign investment sources. Promote the pilot program of foreign-invested equity investment enterprises. Promote pioneering and differentiated reform explorations in the free trade pilot zone; implement system integration reforms such as the reform of the oil and gas reserve system, new international trade supervision, integrated customs clearance reform, and the construction of digital trade systems and mechanisms; and strive to give the four regions greater reform autonomy and amend the Regulations of the China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone. Achieve full coverage of the linkage innovation zone, promote the coordinated development of the pilot free trade zone and the linkage innovation zone, and strengthen the coordination and linkage with the pilot free trade zone in the Yangtze River Delta region. Incubate new advantages in foreign trade competition; implement new forms of foreign trade such as market procurement, cross-border e-commerce, and foreign trade comprehensive service platforms across the province; efficiently promote the development of the World Electronic Trade Platform; promote the innovative development of service trade; and create a model for promoting innovation in import trade zones and key import platforms. 


7. Incubate more active and creative market players. Comprehensively promote the three-year action of state-owned enterprise reform; optimize the layout of the state-owned economy and the adjustment of functional structures; improve the modern enterprise system with Chinese characteristics; implement the “One Enterprise, One Policy” standard and the orderly implementation of mixed ownership reform; vigorously promote the listing of state-owned enterprises; promote the comprehensive reform piloting of Hangzhou’s regional state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises at a high level; and explore new models of provincial state-owned assets supervision and operations. Strengthen the strategic function of state-owned capital to promote common prosperity, increase investment in the social field, and promote the sharing of the development results of state-owned enterprises by all people. Fully implement the regulations for promoting the development of private enterprises, improve the blacklist system for market access, create an ecologically optimal province for private economic development, encourage private enterprises to develop boldly, and support private enterprises that play a greater role in incubating the middle-class and promoting common prosperity. Deepen the construction of the “Two Healths” pilot zones in the new era in Wenzhou and the pilot project of establishing clean political and business relations in Ningbo, and deepen the construction of a pilot zone for the reform and innovation of financial services for small and micro enterprises in Taizhou. Deeply implement the market entity upgrade project and establish and improve a long-term mechanism for reducing corporate burdens. Improve the legal environment and policy systems that promote the development of small, medium, and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households. Improve the “Operation Young Eagle,” “Operation Phoenix,” and “Operation Eagle” incubation systems and further the implementation of growth plans for small and micro enterprises. Promote the development of the “specialization and innovation” of small, medium, and micro enterprises, and vigorously incubate invisible champions, specializing and new giants, individual champions, eagle enterprises, and “chain master” enterprises to create a “province of individual champions.” Carry out the establishment of a high-standard market system, establish and improve a unified and open factor market, deepen the reform of “heroes per acre,” and build a more complete system and mechanism for the market-oriented allocation of factors. Formulate and implement a five-year action plan for optimizing the business environment to create a province with the best business environment. Adhere to the equal emphasis on development and regulations, establish and improve the platform economy governance system, and promote the platform economy to serve high-quality development and high-quality living. We will intensify anti-monopoly and anti-unfair competition law enforcement and judicial efforts and prevent the disorderly expansion of capital. 


8. Create upgraded versions of entrepreneurship, innovation, and creation. Vigorously promote the spirit of Zhejiang businessmen and entrepreneurs; improve the support policy system for entrepreneurship, innovation, and creation; and explore effective ways to make the digital economy, innovative economy, ecological economy, and modern service economy become the economies of the common people in the new era. Implement the “Quality Zhejiang Merchants Promotion Project,” “Zhejiang Merchants Blue Relay Project,” and the “Dual Inheritance” plan for the new generation of entrepreneurs and promote an in-depth return to Zhejiang merchantry. Enhance the comprehensive functions and driving effects of various carriers such as small and micro enterprise entrepreneurship innovation parks (bases) and dual innovation demonstration bases, improve the “makerspace—incubator—accelerator—industrial park” full chain incubation system and promote the development of start-up growth enterprises. Carry out a special campaign to optimize and upgrade the commodity market and incubate a batch of commodity market demonstration bases with outstanding commodity management characteristics, powerful production chain and supply chain services, and integrated online-offline development to create a high-quality modern commodity market demonstration province. Continue to release water to raise fish and enrich the people and establish and improve policies and systems that support the development of individual industrial and commercial households. Continue to deepen the reform of the commercial system, fully implement the reform of the registration confirmation system for commercial entities and the reform of the separation of licenses and permits, comprehensively improve system access and exit convenience, and establish minimal approval. 


III. Implement the Plan to Double the Income of Residents and the Middle-Class and Promote the First Demonstration of the Reform of the Income Distribution System 


9. Implement a plan to double the size of the middle class. Improve the policy system to support the development of the reserve army of the middle class, increase investment in human capital, and stimulate the income-increasing potential of key groups such as skilled talents, scientific researchers, small and micro entrepreneurs, and high-quality farmers so that more ordinary workers can enter the middle class through their own efforts. Vigorously attract high-quality talents and college graduates from home and abroad to come to Zhejiang for employment and entrepreneurship. Take multiple measures to reduce the expenditure pressures of middle-class families from education, medical care, elderly care, childcare, and housing; stabilize the middle-class; and optimize the middle-class social structure. Improve the system for the smooth flow of talents in the Party, government agencies, enterprises, and institutions as well as all aspects of society; standardize the recruitment, examination, selection, and employment system; ensure fair development opportunities for different groups; and unblock social mobility channels. Regulate the order of income distribution in accordance with the law, establish and improve personal income and property information systems, protect legal income in accordance with the law, regulate excessively high incomes within reason, and ban illegal income. 


10. Promote the realization of fuller and higher-quality employment. Strengthen employment priority policies, take high-quality employment as the basic guide for high-quality development, improve the employment supervision and incentive mechanisms, expand employment capacity and improve employment quality, strive to accumulate 5 million new jobs in urban areas, and control the urban surveyed unemployment rate at below 5.5 percent. Improve the guarantee system that promotes entrepreneurship to drive employment and multi-channel flexible employment, take the lead in building a policy system for standardized and innovative development of new employment forms, and explore and improve the labor rights protection mechanism for employees in new business formats such as express delivery handlers, online car-hailing drivers, and online performers. Integrate and revitalize various types of employment subsidy funds and improve the public employment service system that integrates urban and rural areas and online and offline interactions. Improve the employment support system for key groups such as college graduates, veterans, and migrant workers; guide and encourage college graduates to work and start businesses in urban and rural communities; and implement work projects for 10,000 college graduates to work in sub-districts (townships) and communities (villages). Support enterprises to develop caring positions; strengthen the training, assistance, and resettlement of people with employment difficulties; and ensure that the dynamics of zero-employment families are cleared. Deepen the establishment of a comprehensive supporting reform pilot project for harmonious labor relations; promote the construction of a comprehensive experimental zone for harmonious labor relations; create a fair employment environment; take the lead in removing institutional barriers that affect employment, such as household registration, location, identity, and gender; standardize labor dispatch and employment behavior; continue to promote the establishment of the “Zhejiang No Wage Arrears”; and improve and implement the working hours, rest, and vacation system. 


11. Implement a 10-year plan to double the income of residents. Improve the reasonable wage increase mechanism, improve the corporate salary survey and salary guidance information release system, encourage companies to expand the income of employees by improving quality and efficiency, improve the linkage mechanism between the minimum wage standard and economic growth and social average wage growth, and actively and steadily implement collective wage negotiations. Innovate the income distribution system of public institutions and establish and improve a mechanism for determining salary based on position and performance. Broaden the property income channels of urban and rural residents in an all-round way, regulate the development of the wealth management industry, encourage legally innovating financial products that support the development of the real economy and enable the people to share in value-added benefits, support companies to implement flexible and diverse equity incentives and employee stock ownership plans, and encourage listed companies to increase the proportion of cash dividends. Implement the campaign for farmers to get rich and increase their incomes, improve the connection mechanisms for the interests of enterprises and farmers, incubate 100,000 farmers and makers, activate more than 100,000 idle farm families, promote the plan for 10,000 farmers to get rich through tourism, deeply implement millions of rooftop photovoltaic projects in rural areas, guide farmers to voluntarily use land management rights and forest rights to buy shares in enterprises, and encourage farmers to start businesses and find jobs nearby. 


12. Improve the distribution mechanisms for innovative elements. Accelerate the exploration of the realization of the value of knowledge, technology, management, data, and other elements. Give scientific institutes and institutions of higher education greater autonomy in the use of scientific research funds and income distribution, give scientists greater power to determine technological routes and use of funds, give scientific research personnel the ownership of the job results and the long-term use rights of no less than 10 years, and increase the proportion of scientific research personnel’s share of income from the conversion of S&T achievements into practical applications. Improve the information disclosure system for the listing, public auction, and transaction information of technical intangible assets; promote market-based pricing mechanisms for S&T achievements; promote the reform of the evaluation mechanism of S&T achievements; and improve the S&T award system. Accelerate the cultivation of the data element market, explore the establishment of data exchanges, promote the sharing and openness of public data, and enhance the value of social data resources. Strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights and build a digital operation system for intellectual property rights. Actively develop S&T finance and explore ways to promote the capitalization of S&T achievements through intellectual property securitization. 


13. Innovate and improve the fiscal policy system. Strengthen financial budget performance management and mid- and long-term planning management and improve the medium and long-term guarantee capacity of all levels of finance for high-quality development and the construction of a common prosperity demonstration zone. Continue to do everything in your power and do your best, optimize the structure of fiscal expenditures, increase investment in people’s livelihoods, address the “minor matters of critical importance” in people’s lives, and strengthen sustainable guarantee mechanisms. Innovate and improve the provincial fiscal systems for cities and counties; intensify the adjustment and precision of fiscal transfer payments from provinces to cities and counties; and explore and deepen reforms in revenue incentives, financial transfer payments by classification and tranches, and regional overall development. Expand and test the implementation of a financial reward and subsidy mechanism linked to the quality and value of ecosystem products and improve the performance evaluation and reward mechanisms of the 26 counties. Improve the provincial-level coordination mechanism for land transfer revenue and give priority to supporting rural revitalization. Establish and improve the normalized direct mechanism of fiscal funds with more precision and efficiency to directly benefit the enterprise and the people. 


14. Comprehensively build the “Good Deeds for Zhejiang.” Establish a sound incentive mechanism to reward society, and carry out the “Advocate for Goodness and Doing Good, Help Those in Danger and Relieve the Needy” charity initiative. Encourage and guide high-income groups and entrepreneurs to be good and care for society, set up social welfare entities, participate in public welfare and charity, implement preferential tax policies for public welfare donations, and improve charity reward systems. Improve systems and mechanisms that are conducive to the sustainable and healthy development of charitable organizations; vigorously develop hub-type, subsidized, and industry-based charitable organizations; and enhance the service capabilities of charity bases. Vigorously develop charitable trusts, strive for national support to explore the establishment of special trust accounts for charitable organizations, and provide policy support for charitable trusts. Create a unified charity service information platform across the province, establish a “beehive” Zhejiang merchants charity mechanism, and unblock channels for all sectors of society to participate in charity and social assistance. Carry forward the modern philanthropy concept of “charity for all” and create a national charity event represented by “charity for public welfare.” Promote internet charity, build smart charities, and standardize online fundraising activities. Improve the supervision system for charitable organizations, use blockchain technology to carry out whole-process smart supervision of charitable donations, and create charities for the people and sunshine charities.


IV. Improve Long-Term Mechanisms for Private Affairs and Promote the First Demonstration of High-Quality Sharing of Public Services 


15. Take the lead in building a parenting-friendly society. Formulate and implement opinions on taking the lead in building a childcare-friendly society to promote the long-term balanced development of the population, revise the Zhejiang Province Population and Family Planning Regulations in due course, and implement the policy and supporting measures for a couple to have three children. Explore the establishment of a mechanism for sharing childbirth costs; strengthen employment and wage protections for women who give birth; further improve the maternity insurance system; and reduce the costs of childbirth, parenting, and education through multiple channels. Vigorously develop an inclusive childcare service system, improve the policy system and standard norms of care services for infants and children under three years old with nearest childcare services covering urban communities and with infant care service institutions covering nearly all townships (subdistricts). Encourage qualified employers to provide infant care services and support kindergartens that develop integrated nursery and kindergarten services. Implement a three-year action plan for the development of preschool education, establish and improve the cost-sharing mechanism of preschool education, promote the expansion project of inclusive kindergartens and the supplementary improvement project of rural kindergartens. Promote the Anji Games preschool education curriculum model, and completely build a public service system for preschool education covering both urban and rural areas, with a reasonable layout and quality assurance. Strive for more than 90 percent of counties (cities, districts) to become universal preschool education counties (cities, districts) nationwide and achieve universal preschool education. 


16. Strive for an experimental zone for comprehensive educational reform in an era of innovation. Promote “Education Brain + Smart School” across the province, iteratively upgrade the “Internet + Education,” and build future education venues. Promote the realization of full coverage of the urban and rural compulsory education community in the new era and explore the implementation of county-level conglomerate running schools. Strive for more than 60 percent of counties (cities, districts) to become counties (cities, districts) with high-quality and balanced development of national compulsory education and realize the same standard education and integrated growth of urban and rural children. Further reduce the workload of students in compulsory education and standardize off-campus training institutions. Promote the diversified and characteristic development of ordinary high schools; promote major breakthroughs in general vocational financing; and establish and improve collaboration mechanisms between ordinary high schools and secondary vocational schools, higher vocational colleges (vocational bachelor’s degrees), and ordinary bachelor’s degrees. Promote the implementation of undergraduate vocational education pilot projects in high-level vocational colleges and professional groups and actively expand to graduate education. Broaden the technical skills-based talent training channel of “Secondary Vocational Education—Higher Vocational Education (College, Undergraduate)—Professional Degree Graduate” and the mutual transfer channel of general vocational students and increase the proportion of secondary vocational graduates entering higher-level schools to more than 50 percent. Improve special education and special education guarantee mechanisms, improve the quality of education, and promote “integrated education.” Create a high-quality development higher education system, strive for a significant increase in the number of high-level universities and high-level disciplines, and expand the scale of graduate education. Explore the use of new mechanisms to host new research universities and high-level applied universities, fully support the construction of new universities such as West Lake University, and encourage social forces to participate in the establishment of “small and sophisticated” high-level characteristic colleges and universities. Explore the Zhejiang demonstration of a lifelong learning society, strengthen the construction of a high-level open university system with Zhejiang characteristics, and enhance the school-running ability of grassroots community schools and senior schools. Improve the “class credit bank” system, achieve rich and convenient lifelong education, and satisfy the people’s needs for learning at all times and in all places. Take the lead in carrying out the reform of the personnel system in the education field. 


17. Improve the lifelong vocational skills training system for all workers. Deeply promote the construction of “Skilled Zhejiang,” implement the Zhejiang Craftsman Cultivation Project in the New Era and the “Golden Blue Collar” vocational skill improvement campaign, and cultivate a backbone team of craftsmen in the new era of “Tens of Millions.” Grow the total number of skilled personnel in the province to 11.5 million with the proportion of highly skilled personnel reaching 35 percent. Carry out vocational skills training for 5 million persons with trainees upgrading, on average, by one skill level. Implement a plan to improve the quality and increase of technical education, build a batch of first-class technician colleges, and include those that meet qualifications into the sequence of secondary schools. Improve the training, introduction, evaluation, use, and incentive mechanisms for skilled talents; carry out a pilot reform for vocational skill level review; and improve the political, economic, and social benefits of skilled talents. Build an integrated platform for the province’s smart skills training, guide companies to strengthen skills training for migrant workers, coordinate various vocational skills training funds, arrange employment subsidy funds with reason, and form a working mechanism that combines market training and government subsidized training. Strengthen the precise training of key groups such as rural migrant labor force and employees of new business forms and new models, strengthen “re-employment” training, and comprehensively enhance the employment and entrepreneurship capabilities of laborers. 


18. Deeply implement the Healthy Zhejiang Campaign. Promote “Health Brain + Smart Medical Care” across the province, iteratively upgrade new “Internet + Medical Health” services, and take the lead in promoting health multi-scenario applications so that everyone can enjoy convenient, intelligent, and warm health services. Accelerate the construction of a strong public health system; improve mechanisms for monitoring and early warning, precise intelligent controls, and medical and prevention integration; accelerate the construction of a provincial-level medical emergency material reserve platform; and improve the ability to respond to public health emergencies. Improve the integrated medical and health service system, promote the extension of tertiary hospitals from central cities to counties and cities in an orderly fashion, support collaboration with local governments to run medical services, and deepen the establishment of county medical communities and urban medical communities, with tertiary hospitals accounting for more than 60 percent of the beds in county-level public hospitals. Implement infrastructure shortcoming setup projects for township health centers and village-level health services. Deeply implement the medical and health “mountain and sea” improvement project and promote the improvement and upgrade of the medical service capacities of county-level hospitals. Promote the establishment of “medical heights” that go beyond the conventional; strive to build a national medical center, a national regional medical center, and a provincial regional medical center; and build a new platform for the integration of biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and medical applications. Strive to build a national laboratory base in the field of life and health, create a highland of life and health S&T, and fundamentally guarantee that the diagnosis and treatment of serious diseases can be done in the province. Deepen the reform of the “Triple Medical Linkage” and “Six Medical Coordinations,” strive to create a pilot project for the high-quality development of national public hospitals and a national model province for the comprehensive reform of traditional Chinese medicine, and achieve full coverage of the city-level specialties of specialized Chinese medicine services and the full coverage of the grassroots level of suitable Chinese medicine technologies. Accelerate the expansion and quality improvement of family doctor contracted services with the coverage rate of family doctors contracted by key groups reaching over 80 percent. Adjust and optimize the national health checkup items and improve the accuracy of checkups. Promote early screening and early diagnosis and treatment of key diseases and advance disability prevention work. Strengthen the management for the “Two Chronic Diseases” of hypertension and diabetes, focusing on the elderly, and implement the Youth Bright Eyes and Teeth Project. Improve the mental and psychological health services system, reduce the premature mortality rate from major chronic diseases to below 8.5 percent, and improve the overall five-year survival rate for cancer to over 44 percent. Fundamentally form a public service system with full coverage and equalization for national fitness with a coverage rate for the county (city, district) sports “One Venue and Two Stadiums” at over 80 percent, host the Asian Games and the Asian Paralympics well, and build a modern sports province. 


19. Promote the precise structural reform of the social security system. Formulate and improve insurance premium payment policies that adapt to new forms of employment and promote flexible employment and new business types of employees to participate in social insurance. Improve the multi-level, multi-pillar, and sustainable pension insurance system; launch exclusive commercial pension insurance pilot projects; and promote the long-term balance of pension insurance funds. Standardize and implement nationally unified social insurance rates. Reform and improve the basic pension insurance system for urban and rural residents, implement an incentive mechanism that encourages overpayments and long-term payments, explore makeup contribution policies, substantially increase payment subsidies for low-income groups, and continue to increase the level of basic pensions for urban and rural residents. Promote the provincial overall planning of basic medical insurance, unemployment insurance, and work-related injury insurance; improve the medical insurance system for serious and chronic diseases; actively develop commercial health insurance; achieve full coverage of policy-based supplementary medical insurance for low-income groups; explore the establishment of a system of capping family payments for serious illnesses of people in difficulty; and improve long-term mechanisms to prevent poverty due to illness and returns to poverty due to illness. 


20. Construct a joyful elderly care services system. Innovate family pension support policies, implement the “Elderly Care Institutions That Follow the Elderly” action plan, improve the community home care services network, run canteens for the elderly, explore the establishment of home care beds, develop inclusive elderly care and mutual assistance elderly care, improve and promote the development model of “publicly built and privately run” elderly care service institutions, and accelerate the establishment of an old-age care service system that coordinates home and community institutions and combines medical care and healthcare. Comprehensively promote smart elderly care, promote the application of smart technologies, and create digital elderly care service scenarios. Vigorously develop new business models and new models of health and elderly care and realize the coverage of all counties in the health and nursing complex. Improve the education and training, skill identification, and credit management systems for elderly caregivers and increase the number of licensed elderly caregivers at 25 for every 10,000 elderly persons. Pilot a long-term care insurance system, improve the comprehensive security system for long-term care, and explore and address the nursing problems of the disabled and those with dementia so that nursing-care beds account for more than 58 percent of institutional beds. Comprehensively establish a home-community visit and care system for the elderly in special families from empty nesters, those left behind, those who are disabled or severely disabled, and those under family planning; increase the supply of rural and island elderly care services; and improve care and service systems for rural, left-behind elderly. Vigorously develop the silver economy, build an elderly-friendly society, enrich the spiritual and cultural activities of the elderly, advocate for filial piety and respect for the elderly, and promote happiness for the elderly. Improve the preferential treatment system for the elderly and achieve preferential treatment certificates for the elderly that can be issued throughout the province. Effectively develop and utilize the human resources of the elderly and encourage the elderly to do something. 


21. Create the “Safe Homes in Zhejiang” brand. Improve the long-term mechanism of real estate market regulation and control; consolidate the main responsibilities of the municipal governments; implement policies in accordance with the cities with “One City, One Policy”; and promote the maintenance of land prices and housing prices within a reasonable range. Improve the housing security system around public rental housing, affordable rental housing, and common property housing; improve the basic system and supporting policies; and reform and improve housing provident fund policy mechanisms. Explore the use of collective construction land and idle land owned by enterprises and institutions and explore the reconstitution of existing idle houses to build leased housing. Effectively increase the supply of affordable rental housing, build 210,000 units of affordable rental housing, and effectively address the housing problems of key groups such as new citizens and low-income groups facing difficulties from multiple aspects. Accelerate the improvement of long-term rental housing policies, strengthen the supervision of the housing rental market, and ensure that renters and homeowners enjoy equal rights to public services. Establish a joint control mechanism between net population inflow and land supply and joint control of land prices and housing prices. Implement separate planning for land for leased housing, with the land supply tilted toward the construction of rental housing. Explore the land transfer method of “restricted housing pricing, restricted land pricing, competitive quality, and competitive rental housing” and promote the pilot sale of existing commercial housing. Fundamentally realize the transformation of shanty towns concentrated in cities and towns and build 130,000 resettlements (including monetary resettlements). Carry out the investigation and remediation of hidden dangers of urban and rural housing safety in an all-round way, dynamically eliminate the hidden dangers of dangerous houses, and improve normalization and long-term governance and transformation mechanisms. Explore the establishment of a basic housing safety guarantee mechanism for low-income rural populations and deeply implement the “Major Resettlements, Swift Allocations, Enriched People, and Safe Housing” project under the premise of the scientific protection of traditional villages. Improve the level of housing design, create a modern and livable “Zhejiangese Homes” and shape the style of the new Jiangnan water towns. 


22. Comprehensively establish a social assistance system for the new era. Deepen the comprehensive reform of social assistance in the new era; strengthen the connection between social assistance, social insurance, and social welfare systems; seek new wisdom and explore major assistance models; improve the social assistance system in the new era that focuses on special assistance and supplements the participation of multiple social forces; and promote the comprehensive integration of various rescue policies. Complete a unified and precise identification mechanism for urban and rural low-income groups; promote the implementation of the “Proactive, Precise, and Efficient” smart rescue pilot program; continue to iteratively upgrade the Great Relief Information System; and achieve a unified review of economic conditions, the accurate identification of potential rescue subjects, the unified release of resources for rescues, and the accurate evaluation of rescue performance to ensure that “no person and no family is left behind.” Further expand the coverage of social assistance; improve the assistance and support mechanisms for low-income groups; and promote hierarchical and precise assistance to ensure that special groups such as the elderly, the weak, the sick, and the disabled have basic protection. Fully guarantee subsistence allowances, improve the dynamic adjustment mechanisms of the subsistence allowance standard, steadily raise the subsistence allowance standard, and improve the support and assistance standards for the extremely poor. Further increase the degree of assistance in judicial assistance, expand the scope of assistance, and achieve rescues when rescues are required. Implement the “Seven Major Campaigns” to help the people in need to prosper together, promote the construction of a preventive and developmental assistance service system, establish a county-level assistance service consortium, and promote the transformation from materials to “Materials + Services.” Implement a full coverage action plan for humanistic care and social assistance happiness checklist, achieve 100 percent on liaison services for “One Matter” relief to benefit the people, 100 percent coverage for family care, and 100 percent on liaison services for addressing problems on the happiness checklist. Establish a care and service system for women in distress and left-behind children, improve the welfare and protection policies for special groups, establish a moderately inclusive child welfare system, strengthen the basic life guarantee of orphans and children in need, and ensure the healthy growth of every child. Improve the protection and service system for the disabled and promote the all-round development and common prosperity of the disabled. Improve assistance mechanisms for employees in need. Promote a new model of full life cycle management and support for veterans and earnestly strengthen assistance and help for veterans facing difficulties. Deeply develop “dual support” activities. 


23. Promote the socialized reform of public services. Improve the policy system for social forces to run social undertakings and encourage state-owned enterprises and institutions, large private enterprises, and social organizations to invest in the establishment of inclusive, non-profit kindergartens, vocational colleges, institutions of higher education, schools for the elderly, and service organizations such as for medical care, elderly care, childcare, culture, and sports. Introduce high-quality social resources at home and abroad, incubate high-quality and international service brands in fields such as education, medical care, and elderly care, and better meet the multi-level and diversified needs of the people. Create new ways for the government to purchase public services; explore and improve the modes of public establishment with private operations, civil establishment and public assistance, and entrusted agency services; and improve the level of professionalization of public services. Strengthen the construction of a regulatory system for non-profit public service institutions; improve mechanisms for access, evaluation, incentives, and exits; and promote fair competition, standardized operations, and coordinated development of public and private institutions.


V. Expand the Effective Path of Some Getting Rich First, Who Will Then Bring Others Along, Who Will Then Also Help Others to Get Rich, and Promote the First Demonstration of the Coordinated Development of Urban and Rural Areas 


24. Take the lead in forming a provincial integrated development pattern. Improve provincial coordination mechanisms and promote the optimal allocation of resources. Strengthen the “Four Major Constructions,” fully promote the construction of strategic platforms such as provincial new districts and the Qiantang River Financial Harbor, deeply implement iconic projects, prepare and implement provincial-level territorial and spatial master plans, and lead the optimization of the provincial spatial layout. Deepen the integration of spatial planning, strengthen the construction of a digital platform for provincial spatial governance, deepen the policy of major functional zones, and improve the “multi-plan integration” of the territorial and spatial planning system, which is hierarchical, categorized, all in one, and all-comprehensive. Deepen the integration of public services, promote the equalization of basic public services through standardization, continue to narrow the gap in the supply of public services between urban and rural areas, and build a modern public service system. Deepen the integration of infrastructure; promote the unified planning, construction, and management of urban and rural transportation, water supply, power grids, communications, gas, and other infrastructures; and gradually realize a unified plan and a unified network. Accelerate the establishment of a strong province with high-level transportation, carry out the “Internal and External Connection” tackling action, and comprehensively improve the conditions of transportation facilities in mountainous areas, islands, old revolutionary areas, and ethnic minority areas. Realize high-speed rail, general “city-to-city” aviation, and expressways to fundamentally cover cities and towns with more than 100,000 people, with highways above grade 3 covering more than 90 percent of towns and townships. Accelerate the full coverage of rail transit land across all counties; promote the integration and interconnection of high-speed rail networks, rail transit networks, and metropolitan metro networks within the province; and fundamentally build “One-Hour Traffic Circles” in the province, cities, and urban areas to build a modern, high-quality comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network. Develop smart and equalized public transportation services; strive to create a national demonstration province of “Four Good Rural Roads”; and promote the encryption and quality improvement of cross-village passenger transportation, the integration of passenger, cargo, and mail services and the transformation of ferry transportation to public transportation with an integration rate for urban and rural public transport reaching over 85 percent. Deeply promote the “Two In and One Out” project for the express delivery industry to enter the villages, enter the factories, and head out into the sea. Incubate the modern logistics industry and construct a modern express logistics network that connects urban and rural areas and integrates internal and external. Vigorously promote the integration of urban and rural water affairs and the development of a large-scale water supply, increase the coverage rate of homogeneous water supply in urban and rural areas to 98 percent, and realize uniform standards with uniform quality and uniform services for both urban and rural water supplies. Deeply promote the integrated and high-quality development of the Yangtze River Delta, accelerate the construction of the Yangtze River Delta Ecological and Green Integrated Development Demonstration Zone, accelerate the construction of the southward expansion belt of the Hongqiao International Open Hub, plan the construction of inter-provincial adjacent areas and inter-provincial integration pioneering cooperation areas, build a digital Yangtze River Delta, and promote the integration and modernization of the entirety of the Yangtze River Delta. 


25. Carry out the “Ten Hundred Thousand” new urbanization campaign. Accelerate the establishment of the four metropolitan areas to form a “Single Blueprint” for spatial planning, a “Single Network” for rail transit, and a “Single Circle” for intra-city services. Hearken “The Tale of Two Cities” in Hangzhou and Ningbo, vigorously incubate national central cities, and build ocean central cities. Promote the “Empowerment of the Ten Cities,” comprehensively promote the construction of a new type of smart cities, incubate future urban practice areas and modern suburban new cities, comprehensively enhance the comprehensive energy level and international competitiveness of central cities, and support Quzhou and Lishui as they accelerate to the creation of a new era of landscape garden cities. Improve the urban underground space management system, take the lead in launching a pilot project for the construction of “invisible cities” in metro cities, and implement layered and comprehensive development of underground spaces. Strengthen the digital management of underground spaces, carry out pilot projects for the prevention and control of major urban geological safety risks, and effectively improve urban underground space perception and monitoring and early warning capabilities. Deepen the comprehensive urban congestion control project, implement the digital control of congestion, improve the “rail + bus + pedestrian” green travel network, and promote more balanced and suitable work-housing arrangements and more convenient and comfortable travel. Promote “Quality Upgrades in Hundreds of Counties”; promote urbanization around county seats; promote overall county coordination planning across spatial layouts, industrial development, and infrastructure; give greater autonomy at the county level to integrate and utilize resources; and accelerate the opening of institutional channels for the equal exchange and two-way flow of urban and rural elements. Implement the “Thousands of Beautiful Towns” project, create more than 600 provincial-level models on a rolling basis, deepen the pilot small city incubation program, deepen the comprehensive reform of Longgang’s new urbanization, and explore new models with township expansions and the building of new cities. 


26. Vigorously build the basic units of common prosperity and modernization. Promote the construction of future urban communities across the province; fully implement the creation system; implement the “Humanization, Ecosystemization, and Digitalization and the Nine Scenarios” in the future society; and iteratively improve the future community smart services platform. Implement urban renewal and transformation campaigns in accordance with the concept of future communities, accelerate the transformation of old communities in cities and towns, and fundamentally complete the task of rebuilding old communities in cities and towns which were built before the end of 2000. Promote the “micro-renewal” of old communities; promote the construction of barrier-free environments; and create exquisite life scenes in multi-functional, composite, and people-friendly communities. Promote the construction of new rural communities across the region, continue to deepen the “Thousand Village Demonstrations and Ten Thousand Village Renovations” project, implement micro transformations, promote the standardization of rural infrastructure and core functions of public services, achieve the uniform creation of administrative villages into beautiful villages in the new era, and build thousands of beautiful rural boutique villages in the new era. Carry out pilot projects for future rural construction and iteratively upgrade scenarios such as future neighborhoods, modern industries, public services, rural culture, distinctive features, green and low-carbon, and good rural governance. Build a number of exemplary new rural communities that lead in quality of life and present future elements and highlight the charm of the south of the Yangtze River. 


27. Vigorously promote the integrated reform of the urbanization of the agricultural-transferring population. Focusing on the agricultural-transferring population and taking equity as the cornerstone, carry out comprehensive and integrated reforms of systems and mechanisms such as household registration, rural land, public services, and income distribution. Continue to deepen the reform of the household registration system, promote the adjustment and improvement of the points settlement policy with residence and social insurance payment period as the main indicator for Hangzhou, and fully implement the settlement policy for rented houses in cities outside of Hangzhou. Deepen the new type of residence permit system, promote the full coverage of basic public services to the permanent population, improve the point-based enrollment policy, gradually realize the same-city enrollment benefits for children of migrant workers, and explore the point-based housing system. Deepen the reform of “Three Rights to People (Households), With Rights Following People (Households)”; explore the trial implementation of the household registration system with the place of usual residence; and comprehensively implement the registration and filing system for members of rural collective economic organizations. Adhere to the principle of stability and prudence, and explore and promote the voluntary and paid withdrawal of land contract rights, homestead use rights, and collective income distribution rights for farmers who settle in cities in accordance with the law. Fully implement the system of linking together people, land, and money, determining land on a human basis and letting money follow the people. Optimize the classification management policy linked to the increase and decrease of urban and rural construction land. Improve the policy of linking financial transfer payments and the scale of newly added urban construction land to the urbanization of the agricultural transfer population and promote the removal and expansion of mountainous counties and towns in a timely manner. 


28. Take the lead in exploring rural integration reform focusing on land. Take the lead in exploring value realization mechanisms for farmers’ rights and interests, establish and improve a mechanism for linking farmers’ interests, improve the system of the “Separation of the Three Rights” for contracted land, and explore a system for the effective implementation form of the “Separation of the Three Rights” homesteads. Deepen the implementation of the pilot reform of the national rural housing land system and actively and steadily explore a richer form of rights realization for rural housing property rights. Encourage rural collective economic organizations and their members to revitalize idle homesteads and farmhouses in rural areas through self-employment, leasing, shareholding, and cooperation to develop rural industries. Promote the entry of rural collective operating construction land into the market and establish and improve the distribution mechanism of value-added income from collective operating construction land entering the market. Explore, in accordance with the law, the recovery, for a fee, of idle housing sites and abandoned collective public welfare construction land to be transformed into collective operational construction land for entry onto the market on the premise that farmers participate voluntarily. Construct a modern agricultural management system with a new type of agricultural management entity and a “Three-in-One” cooperative economic organization and establish an effective linkage mechanism between small farmers and modern agriculture. Implement the farmer’s shareholding plan, explore realization forms such as equity transfers and the mortgage of rural collective assets, and establish an integrated rural property rights transaction systems across the province to promote connectivity in the Yangtze River Delta. 


29. Vigorously implement the action of strengthening the villages to benefit the people. Promote the coordinated development of high-efficiency ecological agriculture, modern rural industries, and village-level collective economies as a whole; take steps to create agricultural modernization demonstration areas; and improve the realization mechanisms of agricultural value expansion. Implement the enhancement to the comprehensive capacity of the stabilizing grain and guarantees supplies, promote the establishment of high-quality grain projects, accelerate the creation of a strong province in the modern seed industry, strengthen agricultural S&T innovation, and vigorously develop smart agriculture. Implement research and development and promotion actions for applicable agricultural machinery, and comprehensively promote the “Two Systems of Fertilizers and Medicine” and the establishment of a modern agricultural resources management and services system. Build larger and stronger agricultural leading enterprises, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the fishery and animal husbandry industry, and increase agricultural labor productivity to RMB 55,000 per person. Promote the “Agriculture +” campaign; develop the intensive processing of agricultural products; create a whole agricultural production chain integrating primary, secondary, and tertiary industries; enrich the rural economy; and promote the construction of “One County, One Platform” for rural industries. Improve the long-term mechanism of “Two Advances and Two Returns,” implement the Xinxiang Project to Bring Fortune through Talents, and cultivate a group of local talents. Coordinate and integrate agriculture-related funds and promote the pilot reform of agricultural and rural investment integration demonstrations. Improve agriculture-related financial institutions and agriculture-related financial product systems and promote the implementation of the “Whole Village Credit Granting” model. Improve the long-term mechanism of village-level collective economic income growth, implement a three-year action plan for consolidating and upgrading the village-level collective economy, and form strong village companies. Improve the “enclave” grouping mechanism and assign the property rights to assets formed by the financial funds invested in collective economic development projects to the village collective as appropriate. Achieve full coverage of administrative villages with annual collective economic income of more than RMB 200,000 and an operating income of more than RMB 100,000, with the proportion of administrative villages with an annual operating income of more than RMB 500,000 reaching more than 50 percent. Strengthen the function of the village collective economy to enrich and benefit the people and actively play the role of supporting and driving the income of low-income farmers and promoting the popularization of public services such as pensions and assistance. 


30. Innovatively implement the “Three Synchronizations” campaign of some getting rich first who will then bring others along. Pay close attention to narrowing the gap between regions, urban and rural areas, and incomes; formulate and implement the “Three Synchronization” action plan; systematically establish a policy system for helping to promote wealth first; integrate the construction of a provincial digital system for providing assistance and publicity; and build a new community of help. Implement the basic synchronization of the modernization campaign for key green development counties and carry out the “Heroes of GDP” for 11 counties (cities) within the scope of national key ecological function zones. Achieve ecological quality, green development, happiness, and livability to lead the country and reduce the income gap across the entire province’s residential incomes to about 1.5. Implement key rural revitalization campaigns to help villages basically realize modernization at the same time and establish integrated assistance and promotion mechanisms for county and village households, and properly deploy and make good use of first secretaries, rural work instructors, and village working groups. Dispatch 10,000 S&T commissions of various types to towns and villages across the province each year to link together the province’s counties and cities. Carry out the campaign of 1,000 units helping 1,000 villages, 1,000 enterprises connecting 1,000 villages, and 1,000 overseas Chinese groups (enterprises) helping 1,000 villages and improve the incentive mechanism for social capital and public welfare organizations to jointly help and promote one another. Take the full promotion of the global Party building alliance as the guide, promote the “Great Xiajiang” rural consortium’s common wealth model, promote the regionalization and group development of rural areas, and explore the mechanism and path for the Party to lead the rich and achieve common prosperity after the unification of the Party. Synchronize the implementation of the fundamental realization of modernization across low-income groups. Develop major digital application scenarios for low-income groups that cover urban and rural areas, wide-spanning collaborations, and policy integration to continue to increase their incomes. Establish a standardized checklist-based assistance system and establish a precise policy system to improve the lives of low-income groups in urban and rural areas. Strengthen developmental assistance for and improve the self-development capabilities of those who are able to work. Strengthen “Assistance + Guarantees” for those who have a poor ability to increase labor income and explore the establishment of personal development accounts for low-income groups and gradually improve life. Strengthen the safety net protections for those who lose their ability to work and improve their happiness. 


31. Create an upgraded version of the mountain-sea collaboration project. Formulate and implement a leap-forward high-quality development plan for 26 counties in the mountainous areas, optimize the policy system for the new stage of mountain area development, and adhere to policy stratification. Implement the campaign to expand industry tax sources and increase the income of residents to enrich the people. Develop “Green + Wisdom” characteristic industries and ecological industries, incubate famous mountain products such as “Lishui Shangeng” and “Sanquwei,” and implement the consumption assistance program for agriculture. Make up for the shortcomings of infrastructure and public services and create the “Four Alongs” beautiful and affluent trunk lines with high standards. Explore the implementation of a new model of marketization to promote the development of mountainous areas and continue to strengthen endogenous development momentum. Accelerate the promotion of cadre personnel resources to the 26 counties in mountainous areas and increase the intensity of personnel exchanges between the provincial agencies, economically developed areas, and the 26 counties in the mountainous areas. Enhance ocean awareness across the province and promote the establishment of the elements of a strong maritime province across the province. Deepen the construction of version 2.0 of the Zhejiang Marine Economic Development Demonstration Zone and Zhoushan Islands New Zone and promote the construction of the Ningbo-Zhoushan-Wenzhou-Taizhou-Lingang Industrial Belt. Vigorously develop the modern marine industry, promote the comprehensive protection and utilization of the coastal zone, and strengthen the construction of smart ocean engineering. Explore the joint establishment of ocean development funds by provinces and cities, promote the characteristic and differentiated development of islands, and strengthen the ecological and environmental protection of islands. Formulate guidelines for upgrading mountain-sea collaborations in the new development stage, strengthen the coordination of land and sea and mutual assistance for the mountains and seas, pair with accuracy and achieve win-win cooperation in accordance with the coordination needs of the production chain, and deepen and expand the content of collaboration in areas such as public services. Explore and improve the construction mechanism of “enclaves” for cooperation between mountains and seas and build “industrial enclaves” and mountain-sea cooperative industrial parks at a high level. Support mountain islands that explore and build “science and innovation enclaves” in central cities inside and outside the province, promote a shared “enclave” economic cooperation model, and create a high-energy platform for the development of mountainous areas. More vigorously support the development of old revolutionary areas, strengthen later support for reservoir areas and resettlement areas, and support the construction of “ecological enclaves.” Comprehensively promote the revitalization of rural areas in ethnic minority areas and deepen the pilot project for the integration of urban and rural development in ethnic minority areas in Jingning. 


32. Create an upgraded version of counterpart work. Promote work projectization, project systemization, and system branding; further improve working mechanisms; strengthen assistance to underdeveloped areas outside the province; and comprehensively improve the performance of counterparts. Persist in and improve the coordination mechanism between the East and the West and focus on doing a good job in industrial cooperation, labor cooperation, and consumer assistance with Sichuan and other places. Work together in rich and innovative ways and accelerate the construction of a comprehensive, multi-level, and wide-ranging collaboration system. Undertake the long-term comprehensive and accurate development of counterpart support with Tibet, Xinjiang, Qinghai, and other places; promote intellectual support, industry support, improvement of people’s livelihood, exchanges and integration, and cultural and educational support; and help recipient areas achieve long-term stability and high-quality development. Deepen collaboration between Zhejiang and Jilin and promote the five major cooperation tasks of deepening opening up, industrial transformation, entrepreneurial innovation, factor flows, and cultural exchanges.


VI. Build a Cultural Highland in the New Era and Promote the Development of Advanced Socialist Culture 


33. Create an important position for studying, propagating, and practicing Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era. Continue to consolidate and deepen the educational achievements on the theme of “Staying True to Our Original Aspiration and Founding Mission” and deeply implement the soul casting project. Improve the theoretical study and education system for party members and cadres and carry out the central group’s patrolling and auditing system and the special topic learning system before major decision-making. Deeply implement traceability projects, promote a century of theory innovation research project, and systematically carry out the research on Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for the New Era in Zhejiang’s Germination and Practice. Build the Provincial Xi Jinping Research Center for Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era and launch the implementation of the new era Marxist theoretical research and construction project. Strengthen the construction of a platform for the transformation of theoretical research results and systematically construct a theoretical traceability system. Implement the Zhejiang Humanities Revitalization Project to improve the research level of basic theories and emerging interdisciplinary subjects. Deeply implement the heart-to-heart project and improve the theoretical instruction system of party members and leading cadres and the basic-level theoretical publication and instruction system. Create a group of grassroots propaganda brands, major policies, and theoretical voice platforms with national influence, such as propaganda for the “8090” new era theory. Continue to inherit the red genes and light the fire and strengthen the education of the history of the Party, the history of New China, the history of reform and opening up, and the history of socialist development. Vigorously promote revolutionary culture such as the Red Boat Spirit, organize the study of the Zhejiang seal of the 100-year history of the Communist Party of China, and construct the red spirit pedigree of Zhejiang. Promote the construction of Zhejiang Revolutionary Military Museum, improve the level of construction for patriotism education bases, and preserve the red roots. 


34. Promote the creation of a global civilization at a high level. Promote the core values of socialism to be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, uphold and carry forward the spirit of Zhejiang, and cultivate a provincial brand of “Zhejiang Courtesy.” Implement the action plan for the creation of a global civilization; vigorously promote the creation of mass spiritual civilizations such as civilized cities, civilized villages, civilized units, civilized campuses, and civilized families; and promote the full coverage of the construction of civilized practice centers in the new era. Promote the construction of civic ethics, implement the “most beautiful Zhejianger” brand promotion campaign, and establish a sound care and courtesy mechanism. Carry out the national humanistic literacy improvement campaign and establish a normalized humanistic literacy evaluation system. Promote the culture of honesty, deepen the action of changing customs, explore the implementation of a civilized points system, polish up civilized practice brands such as courtesy pedestrian crossings, and promote the development of good, civilized habits. Continue to carry out publicity and education with the theme of happiness through labor; vigorously promote the spirit of model workers, labor spirit, and craftsmanship; create a social fashion of mutual respect, mutual care, mutual help, harmony, and friendship among people; and cultivate the cultural atmosphere of hard work, wealth, and common prosperity. Strengthen the construction of family tutors, improve the voluntary service system, and extensively carry out voluntary service and care actions. 


35. Build a high-quality public cultural service system. Promote the transformation of digital public culture applications and create application scenarios such as “Homes of Culture” and “Cultural Auditorium Homes.” Deeply implement the new era of fine arts and literature creation projects, strengthen the organizational planning for the creation of major themed works, and establish a major literary and artistic creation project open competition mechanism. Improve the full-cycle literary and artistic boutique service mechanism and elaborately create new platforms for literary creation such as Zhijiang Screenplay Village and Chinese Internet Writers Village. Deeply implement the project to introduce hundreds of cultural masters and promote the return of Zhejiang literary and art masters. Implement the Billions of Cultural Facilities construction project; promote the improvement plan for municipal public cultural high-standard facilities and high-quality services; and accelerate the construction of Zhejiang cultural landmarks in the new era, such as the Hangzhou Branch of the National Museum, Zhijiang Cultural Center, Zhejiang Social Science Center, and the New Zhejiang Concert Hall. Launch the construction of the Zhejiang Film Academy and build the Zhijiang Art Gallery. Deeply implement the project of cultural benefits for the people in the hundreds of cities and the thousands of villages. Fully realize “cities with five centers, one academy, and one hall, counties with four centers and one hall, districts with three centers, townships (subdistricts) with comprehensive cultural stations, and villages with a cultural auditorium.” Bring people closer to innovation and culture through cultural activities to benefit the people. Carry out the art revitalization plan for the villages, implement the promotion of a scholarly Zhejiang, and improve the level of equalization of basic public cultural services in urban and rural areas. Create new supply mechanisms for public cultural services, implement high-quality public cultural service standards, and explore the implementation of the Zhejiang cultural guarantee card system. Deepen the reform of the state-owned art troupe, expand the effective ways of social forces to promote office and co-cultural services and promote socialized operation and management models such as “Cultural Stewardship.” Promote in-depth media integration reform, improve modern communication capabilities, and create a major new mainstream communication platform with national influence. Build a modern communication system with precise reach, establish the Silk Road Cultural Research Institute, and implement the Zhejiang Cultural “Going to Sea Plan” to create an international communication window that radiates out into the world. 


36. Pass on and carry forward China’s excellent traditional culture. Continue to promote the construction of the Grand Canal National Cultural Park and the Poetry Road Cultural Belt. Promote the establishment of the great relics of the source of civilization and the world cultural heritage group and strengthen the protection and utilization of West Lake, Liangzhu, and the Grand Canal (Zhejiang section). Promote the Shangshan cultural heritage applications; accelerate the implementation of the “Millennium Ancient City” revival; create representative Zhejiang cultural symbols and cultural identities; and improve the protection system for famous historical and cultural cities, towns, and villages. Implement the project to create 100 cultural gold business cards and strengthen the protection and inheritance of traditional crafts and traditional opera arts. Actively apply for catalog items of representative works such as human intangible heritage and national memory heritage, build a Chinese Yue Opera museum, and actively establish the cultural center of Chinese Yue Opera. Promote the prosperity of fine arts and calligraphy, establish the Zhejiang Court of Calligraphy, and raise the level of the Zhejiang Painting Academy and Zhejiang Oil Painting Academy. Deeply implement cultural research projects; decode Zhejiang’s cultural genes; and promote the innovation and transformation of the East Zhejiang School, Yongjia School, Yangming Xinxue, Nankong Confucianism, and Hehe Culture. Construct the Song Yun Cultural Heritage Exhibition Center and carry out contemporary research on the history of thought in Zhejiang. Compile the Zhejiang Library and systematically enhance the brand influence of Zhejiang University. 


37. Accelerate the high-quality development of the cultural industry. Enrich the supply of high-quality cultural products and services to better meet the cultural needs of the people. Implement the digitalization strategy of the cultural industry; incubate emerging cultural formats; and build a national digital publishing, short video, music, and online audiovisual industry base. Optimize the layout of cultural industry development and promote the high-quality development of the Zhijiang Cultural Industry Belt. Support Hengdian in creating a national-level film and television cultural industry pilot demonstration zone and create an internationally influential film and television innovation center and digital cultural industry cluster. Implement the 100 outstanding famous cultural enterprises project, promote the integrated development strategy of the cultural industry, and create world-class tourist attractions and resorts with rich cultural heritage and national-level tourism and leisure cities and neighborhoods with distinctive cultural characteristics. Deeply promote the “Poetry and Painting in Zhejiang: Hundreds of Counties and Thousands of Bowls” project in depth and create a national cultural and tourism integration demonstration zone and a national sports tourism demonstration zone. Build a model province for global tourism, promote the development of the entire production chain of rural tourism, forest health and maintenance, and the homestay economy. Create major destinations for marine tourism and mountain tourism and strive to carry out pilot projects for the facilitation of inbound and outbound tourism. 


VII. Build a National Ecological Civilization Experimental Zone and Promote the First Demonstration of Ecological Civilization Building 


38. Make every effort to fight a protracted battle to consolidate and upgrade the environment. Implement the most stringent system of environmental protection; fight well against polluted water, air, and soil as well as waste and plastics; and build a comprehensive application system for digital environmental protection. Improve the closed-loop management and control mechanisms for the discovery, disposal, and inference of environmental pollution problems. Improve the environmental justice system and the environment public interest litigation system and continue to promote the improvement of environmental quality. Comprehensively promote the clean air campaign and strengthen the coordinated control of multiple pollutants and coordinated regional governance, with clean air demonstration areas built in 85 percent of the cities at the county level and above. Deepen the “Five Water Co-Governances” clean water campaign and fully build the urban “Zero Direct Discharge Area of Sewage.” Build a safe and beautiful “Zhejiang Water Network” and add 500 beautiful rivers and lakes. Implement the “Strengthen the Base, Increase Efficiency, and Raise Standards” campaign for rural domestic sewage, with the administrative village governance coverage rate and the effluent water quality compliance rate reaching more than 95 percent. Promote the coordinated management of land and sea pollution and the protection and restoration of marine ecology as a whole. Strengthen the protection and construction of “Beautiful Bays,” initiate the renovation of the provincial “Blue Bays,” carry out early warning and monitoring of marine ecology, and promote the stability and improvement of the marine ecological environment. Strengthen the overall risk management and control of the soil environment and establish a safe use model for agricultural land. Build “Zero-Waste Cities” across the region, strengthen the closed-loop supervision of solid waste and non-contact intelligent supervision of medical waste, and strictly implement the plastic ban and plastic limits system. Achieve the full coverage of the province’s urban domestic waste classification so that all cities are divided into districts and more than 60 percent of the counties (cities, districts) will be built into “Zero-Waste Cities” so as to build a nationwide “Zero Waste Demonstration Province.”  


39. Implement ecological restoration and biodiversity protection. Fully implement the environmental zoning management and control system with “Three Lines and One Unit” as the core and implement use control in strict accordance with ecological protection, basic farmlands, and urban development boundaries. Adhere to the most stringent farmland protection system and the most stringent land conservation system and curb the “non-agriculturalization” of arable land and strictly control the “non-grainization.” Strictly standardize the implementation of the arable land occupation and compensation balance system and strengthen the quantity protection and quality improvement of cultivated land. Comprehensively promote the comprehensive renovation and ecological restoration of all rural areas, explore the comprehensive renovation of the entire territory, and support Ningbo as it carries out the pilot comprehensive renovation of the entire territory and space. Accelerate the establishment of a natural reserve system, advance the construction of the Qianjiangyuan-Baishanzu National Park, and strengthen the protection and restoration of wetlands with the area of natural reserves accounting for 9.8 percent of the land area. Comprehensively carry out the ecological protection and restoration of the eight major water systems and coastal waters and accelerate the construction of the Chun’an Special Ecological Function Zone. Complete the ecological protection and restoration project of mountains, waters, forests, fields, lakes, and grasses in the Qiantang River source area and accelerate the implementation of the ecological protection and restoration project of the mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes, grasses, and sands in the Oujiang River source area. Strengthen the coordinated management of trans-provincial water bodies such as Taihu Lake and Qiandao Lake and promote the prevention and control of blue algae in Taihu Lake and the joint construction and protection of the Xin’anjiang-Qiandao Lake basin. Comprehensively improve the level of biodiversity protection and build an herbarium and gene bank with the characteristics of rare and endangered wild animals and plants in the Yangtze River Delta, with the protection rate of key biological species reaching 95 percent. 


40. Formulate and implement high-standard carbon emission peaking action plans. Focusing on the four indicators of total energy consumption, total carbon emissions, energy consumption intensity, and carbon emission intensity; scientifically prepare and implement the overall plan for carbon peaking and the action plan for the “6 + 1” key areas of energy, industry, construction, transportation, agriculture, residents’ lives, and technological innovation; and promote the overall green and low-carbon transformation of the economy and society as a whole. Accelerate adjustments to the energy structure, actively and orderly develop nuclear power, strictly control the total coal consumption, build a clean energy supply system, ensure the completion of the energy “dual control” objective, and increase the proportion of non-fossil energy consumption to 24 percent. Deeply adjust the industrial structure, vigorously develop low-carbon and high-efficiency industries, and promote the green and low-carbon transformation of high-carbon industries. Resolutely curb the blind development of the “Two Highs” project, accelerate the construction of green manufacturing systems, and build 50 green and low-carbon parks and 500 green and low-carbon factories. Promote green and low-carbon development in the fields of construction, transportation, and agriculture; carry out a wide range of green life creation campaigns; strengthen the support of green and low-carbon technological innovation; and achieve higher quality development with minimal carbon emissions. Carry out a carbon-neutral system for large-scale events, carry out the pilot construction of the “zero-carbon” system, and promote the greening of 1 million acres of land. Increase the carbon sink of the ecosystem, build a carbon peak carbon-neutral digital intelligence system and comprehensive application scenarios, and promote low-carbon transition legislation. 


41. Fully promote the value realization mechanism of ecological products. Explore the establishment of a normalized GDP accounting and assessment system with Zhejiang characteristics and formulate and publish land and sea GDP accounting standards. Promote the construction of a GDP accounting application system across the region and improve the financial reward and compensation mechanism linked to the quality and value of ecological products. Promote the national pilot project of the Lishui ecological product value realization mechanism, deepen the Anji comprehensive reform pilot project to practice the concept of clear waters and green mountains as valuable as gold and silver mountains, and explore ways to realize the value of innovative and high-quality water resources. Build an ecological economic system that integrates digitalization and green development and establish a large database of ecological resources. Explore the construction of an ecological product value conversion platform and accelerate the construction of the “Two Mountains Bank” and coordinate and advance the reform of the property rights system of natural resource assets. Create new ecological compensation mechanisms; incubate and develop ecological products and ecological asset trading markets; and take the lead in implementing market-based trading of pollution emission rights, energy use rights, water rights, and carbon emission rights. Promote the development of green finance with high standards, deepen the construction of green finance reform and innovation pilot zones in Huzhou and Quzhou, and support the creation of a national green finance reform and innovation demonstration zone. 


VIII. Persist In and Develop the “Fengqiao Experience” in the New Era and Promote the First Demonstration of Social Governance 


42. Improve the urban and rural grassroots governance system under the leadership of the party organization of the “Four Governance Integrations.” Strengthen the Party’s overall leadership of grassroots governance and implement the system of sub-district “Big Working Committee” and community “Big Party Committee.” Strengthen the political leadership of platform economy and platform enterprises and strengthen the Party’s work in emerging fields and new employment forms. Comprehensively promote the “integration of counties and townships, and unified management of all areas” in the overall smart governance reform of the counties and iteratively upgrade the county social governance system of “One Center, Four Platforms, One Grid.” Promote the clarification of powers and responsibilities in county and township governance, the modularization of organization, the integration of matters, intelligent means, and efficient collaboration. Promote the integration of approval service law enforcement forces and strengthen the ability of towns (sub-districts) to manage society and serve the masses. Improve the post “One-Shoulder Multitasking” village community governance system, improve the village-level small and micro authority checklist system, and promote the efficient operation of the village community team. Improve the working mechanism of the county-level social conflict mediation and resolution center; improve the conflict mediation, analysis and judgment, and emergency command functions; and give full play to the terminal role of resolving letters and visits and conflicts and disputes. Vigorously promote the petition agency system, place non-litigation dispute resolution mechanisms at the forefront, and deepen the governance of the sources of litigation. Improve the system of receiving visits from leading cadres with the local resolution rate of petition problems and conflicts and disputes at or below the county level reaching more than 95 percent. Promote the modernization of urban social governance; fully build a community of social governance in which everyone is responsible, everyone is accountable, and everyone benefits; and improve the grassroots democratic consultation system. Create new linkage mechanisms between communities and group organizations, social organizations, social workers, community volunteers, and social charity resources. Promote multiple participation mechanisms such as allowing villagers to discuss matters and express their sentiments with “people’s livelihood councils” or “contractual” co-construction projects. Realize a healthy interaction between government governance, social adjustments, and village (resident) self-government. Continue to deepen the construction and promotion of the party-mass service center (village-level organization activity venue) and strive to build a grassroots ruling position that is politically guided, serves the masses, and unites the people. Deeply implement the 10,000 Villages Good Governance Project, with more than 50 percent of the communities (villages) in the province reaching the goal of “good governance of communities (villages).” 


43. Accelerate the construction of the Rule of Law in China Demonstration Zone. Adhere to the link between legislation and reform, give full play to the leading and promoting role of legislation, take the lead in building a system of local regulations and policies that promote common prosperity, and revise and abolish unsuitable local regulations and government regulations in due time. Deeply promote the reform of “large, comprehensive, and integrated” administrative law enforcement, accelerate the construction of a full-coverage government supervision system and a fully closed-loop administrative law enforcement system, comprehensively promote grassroots “uniformly managed law enforcement” and cross-departmental and cross-field comprehensive law enforcement, and fully implement the administrative classification management system for civil servants in law enforcement. Strengthen the integrated establishment of penalty enforcement and take the lead in solving the problems of difficult enforcement. Give full play to the role of administrative dispute mediation centers and promote the substantive resolution of administrative disputes. Accelerate the establishment of a standardized and efficient judicial supervision system; improve the work linkage mechanisms between law enforcement and judicial agencies; and improve judicial quality, efficiency, and credibility. Accelerate the establishment of a legal network system. Strengthen the construction of global digital courts and improve the level of legalization of cyberspace governance. Strengthen the construction of digital procuratorial work and establish and improve the big data procuratorial and supervision system. Building a society under the rule of law in an all-round way, accelerate the legalization of grassroots social governance and accelerate the establishment of a public legal service system that is inclusive, convenient, efficient, intelligent, and accurate. Intensify the popularization of the law, implement the action plan to improve citizens’ legal literacy, and promote respect for the study of the law and abiding by the law. Create a new “Credit +” governance system; deeply implement the “531X” project of credit building; and promote comprehensive integrity, full data credit, and credit use by the whole of society. 


44. Build a high-level Harmony in China Demonstration Zone. Prioritize people’s lives and safety and improve the closed-loop management and control of risks of “monitoring, early warning, disposal, and feedback” and safety mechanisms to effectively prevent and resolve major risks and challenges. Establish a precise industry supervision system for the entire chain of fire protection, road traffic, hazardous chemicals, marine vessels, food, medicine, the environment, and finances, and establish and improve the working mechanism of “containing what is significant” to resolutely curb serious and grave work safety accidents. Improve the three-dimensional, legalized, professional, and intelligent social security prevention and control system and improve the normalization of the fight against crime and evil. Comprehensively strengthen economic security; strengthen the security of resources, energy, and food; and resolutely maintain the bottom line of zero regional economic and financial risks. Accelerate the establishment of a system of “big safety, big emergency, and big disaster reductions” and improve the natural disaster prevention system. Establish and improve urban and rural disaster prevention and mitigation systems and completely eliminate seawall disease risks. Deepen the pilot project of geological disaster risk management and prevention and control and strengthen emergency response capacity building. Develop social assistance and care efforts and promote catastrophe insurance. Promote the creation of model cities for safe development. Construct a comprehensive network governance system, promote integrated online and offline governance, implement the network ecological “watchout” project, and promote social co-governance in cyberspace.


IX. Establish Guarantee Measures and Promotion Mechanisms for High-Quality Development and the Construction of a Common Prosperity Demonstration Zone 


45. Uphold and strengthen the Party’s comprehensive leadership. Give priority to the Party’s political construction and earnestly strengthen the “Four Consciousnesses” and “Four Self-Confidences,” and achieve the “Two Safeguards.” Establish and improve a comprehensive leadership system in which the Party takes over the overall situation and coordinates across all parties, implements the “Seven Problem Checklists” brightening and rectification mechanism, and implements party leadership throughout the across processes, fields, and links so as to promote common prosperity. Deepen the political construction of leadership teams. Strengthen the Party’s organizational construction; implement the project of “Hundreds of Counties Striving for Creation, Thousands of Townships Receiving Promotions, and Tens of Thousands of Villages Standing Strong”; and normalize the implementation of county-level leadership team members visiting and inspecting townships and villages. Explore a new mechanism for urban grassroots party building at the provincial level and promote the “Two News” of party building of “Excellence in Three Years and a Giant Leap Forward.” Coordinate and promote the construction of grassroots party organizations in various fields and give full play to the role of grassroots party organizations as a battle fortress and also the vanguard and exemplary roles of party members. Improve the “One System and Three Mechanisms” for selecting and appointing personnel and promote the systematic reshaping of the cadre team and the work of cadres. Create a loyal, clean, and responsible team of high-quality professional cadres; enhance the new capabilities of leading cadres to promote modernization and common prosperity; and firmly give priority to promoting common prosperity. 


46. Deeply promote the construction of a clean Zhejiang. Promote the in-depth development of the comprehensive and strict self-governance of the Party; implement main responsibilities and supervision responsibilities for the comprehensive and strict self-governance of the Party; and strive to build a clean and honest Zhejiang with clean cadres, clean government, clean politics, and clean society so as to create a clean and upright political ecosystem. Coordinate and promote the construction of clean units and build clean government agencies, clean villages, clean schools, clean hospitals, clean state-owned enterprises, clean private enterprises, and clean transportation in order to build a clean cultural highland. Strengthen the anti-corruption campaign. Push forward with an atmosphere where those in power do not dare to be corrupt, cannot become corrupt, and do not wish to be corrupt. Control the “Four Forms of Decadence” and establish a new form. Persist and deepen the “Houchen Experience” and give full play to the role of township (sub-district) discipline inspection and supervision organizations and village-level supervision liaison stations. Vigorously rectify corruption and unhealthy practices around the masses and give the masses a sense of fairness and justice in the comprehensive and strict self-governance of the Party. Improve the overall supervision work layout and improve the coordination and connection systems of the “Four Supervisions” of discipline, supervision, stationing, and inspections. Strengthen the coordination of discipline inspection and supervision as well as the supervision of organizations, justice, finances and accounting, auditing, statistics, and the masses. Explore the establishment of public power big data supervision applications, establish a system and mechanisms with transparent powers and responsibilities and also unified powers and responsibilities, and promote the practice of the Party and state supervision system in Zhejiang. 


47. Deepen the digital reform in an all-round way. Reshape the system with digital drive; reshape the relationship between government, society, enterprises, and individuals in the context of common prosperity; and take the lead in forming production methods, lifestyles, and governance methods that are compatible with the era of digital transformation. Build an integrated and intelligent public data platform, accelerate the construction of an integrated resource system and application data warehouse and thematic database, promote the open sharing of data, and establish sound data governance mechanisms. Promote the construction of the comprehensive application of intelligent governance in the Party and in government agencies; build a digital collaborative work scenario with one-screen control of the overall situation, one-click smart access to government orders, consistent implementation, a unified network for services, and unobstructed supervision; and build a modern Party and government agency that is intelligently governed as a whole with efficiency and coordination. Promote the establishment of comprehensive digital government applications; iteratively upgrade the “Zhe Zheng Ding” and “Zhe Li Ban”; accelerate the establishment of a high-quality and convenient inclusive service system, a fair and just law enforcement and supervision system, an overall and efficient operation and management system, and a global smart collaborative governance system; and comprehensively build the “palm-based provincial services,” “palm-based provincial processing,” and “palm-based provincial governance.” Promote the establishment of comprehensive applications for the digital economy, with the “Industrial Brain + Future Factory” as the core business scenario; promote the comprehensive connection of all elements, the entire production chain, and the entire value chain; and promote the effective allocation of resource elements and the efficient coordination of industrial development. Promote the establishment of comprehensive applications in the digital society, with the “City Brain + Future Community” as the core business scenario, and realize the digitization of social space, the sharing of social services, and the precision of social policies. Promote comprehensive applications for the digital rule of law and comprehensively improve the scientific, efficient, and integrated nature of legislation, law enforcement, justice, and law popularization. Construct a digital reform theoretical system and institutional norm system and explore the formation of a digital governance system mechanism with Chinese characteristics. Comprehensively implement the overall cybersecurity capability improvement campaign and build an integrated digital reform cybersecurity assurance system. 


48. Strengthen policy and system innovations. Promote systematic changes in policies and systems in all fields and aspects in accordance with the common prosperity orientation. Focus on key areas and study and issue relevant supporting policies at the provincial level. Take the initiative to undertake nationwide reform pilots and exploration and demonstration tasks. Strive to take the lead in S&T innovation, digital reform, distribution system reform, the coordinated development of urban and rural areas, public services, and the realization of ecological product value. Take the lead in forming innovative and breakthrough institutional results. 


49. Establish an implementation mechanism to connect upper and lower levels with efficiency and coordination. Establish a social construction committee under the provincial party committee. Establish a leading group for a demonstration zone for high-quality development and establishment of common prosperity under the provincial party committee and the provincial government, wherein the main leader of the provincial party committee is the group leader and the office of the leading group is located in the provincial development and reform commission. Establish and improve the checklist-based promotion mechanism; formulate a list of key tasks, a list of breakthroughs, and a list of major reforms; clarify task responsibilities; and implement closed-loop management. Establish and improve the mechanism for gathering intelligence and build a multi-level think tank platform covering such aspects as international, domestic, provincial, and enterprise affairs. Appoint consultants to think tanks from the provincial party committee and provide intellectual support to promote the construction of demonstration zones. Ensure that all localities and departments resolutely shoulder their missions; compact work responsibilities; improve working mechanisms; and form a work system that integrates systems, implements precise policies, and grasps the bottom line. 


50. Establish a mechanism to strive for excellence. Encourage and support qualified cities, counties, and relevant ministries that carry out integrated innovation and special pilot projects on major reforms and major policies for the construction of demonstration zones, which create best practices and that promote overall breakthroughs from point to point. Establish a best practice summary and promotion mechanism, summarize universal experience in time, provide feedback on system effects, and form a Zhejiang standard to duplicate and promote across the whole country in due time. Continue to deepen the benign interaction of the “Two Responsibilities” and further build and make good use of the horse racing platform such as the work exchange meeting of the directors of the provincial units and the county (city, district) party committee secretaries. Encourage leading cadres to start businesses and reform breakthroughs with the correct employment orientation. Establish and improve a comprehensive and three-dimensional perspective to observe people and recognize people with fault-tolerant and corrective mechanisms. Strengthen the encouragement and protection of cadres who dare to be good. 


51. Build an evaluation and assessment system that promotes common prosperity. Implement a comprehensive evaluation in conjunction with the “Eight-Eight Strategy” and adhere to the combination of quantitative and qualitative and objective and subjective evaluations. Deepen statistical reforms, scientifically establish the evaluation system and target index system of the demonstration zone for high-quality development and construction of common prosperity, and explore the establishment of standards and methods for measuring the achievement of common prosperity. Explore the establishment of an evaluation index for the sense of happiness and security of the masses and fully reflect the effectiveness of demonstration zone construction work to better reflect the satisfaction and identity of the people. Strengthen monitoring analysis and dynamic adjustment. Incorporate the requirements for promoting common prosperity into the comprehensive performance appraisal of the Party and government leaders and leading cadres to improve the quality of the appraisal work. Establish a regular inspection mechanism, innovate and improve inspection methods, and improve the problem feedback rectification mechanism. 


52. Gather the powerful forces of the whole of society to work together for common prosperity. Adhere to the mainstay of the masses; clearly encourage hard work to get rich, take the lead in getting rich, and clearly encourage some to get rich first, who will then bring others along and encourage others to get rich and then help others along; and stimulate the endogenous motivation to achieve common prosperity. Give full play to the active role of the National People’s Congress, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the democratic parties, the Federation of Industry and Commerce, and people without party affiliation. Strengthen the function of people’s organizations such as the labor union, the Communist Youth League, the Women’s Federation, the Chinese Association of Science and Technology, and the Federation of Overseas Chinese to lead services and connect with the masses. Fully stimulate the enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity of all people to promote common prosperity, and let everyone become a direct participant, active contributor, and common beneficiary of common prosperity. Rely on the common struggle, solidarity, and mutual assistance of all the people and take the road of common prosperity through co-construction, co-governance, and sharing. 


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