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Areas Where Key Breakthroughs Are Needed to Cross Over the Middle-income Stage

An unnamed researcher at the National Development and Reform Commission’s Academy of Macroeconomic Research lays out six areas where China must find “key breakthroughs” to become a high-income country. In addition to domestic reforms, the author calls for the creation of an international environment “conducive to crossing over the middle-income stage.”

Deep Industrialization Is the Key to Crossing Over the Middle-income Trap

How can China overcome the middle-income trap? In this 2016 speech, Yao Yang, Dean of the National School of Development of Peking University, describes how industrialization and manufacturing can help China avoid a prolonged middle-income phase of its development trajectory.

Yao Yang 姚洋
Revisiting China's Grand Strategy

This 2001 analysis by political scientist Tang Shiping is a follow-up to a lengthy exposition on China’s ideal grands strategy that he penned the year prior. In this piece, he argues that China should “have its own global economic interests, to have a pivotal position in regional security affairs, and to have a political voice in global affairs.”

Tang Shiping 唐世平
Ideal Security Environment and China's Grand Strategy in the New Century

This lengthy analysis of China’s grand strategy was written at the turn of the millennia by Tang Shiping, a highly regarded political scientist and international relations scholar at Fudan University. The piece makes for interesting context on a host of issues that are currently front-of-mind, including cross-Strait relations, the China-US relationship, as well as China’s relationship with Russia.

Tang Shiping 唐世平
Deeply Implementing the New-Era Talent-for-a-Strong-Military Strategy, Better Giving Play to the Role of Talent in Supporting and Leading the Cause of Strengthening the Armed Forces
深入实施新时代人才强军战略 更好发挥人才对强军事业的引领和支撑作用

The CCP Politburo holds “study sessions” on a semi-regular basis, in which an outside academic or government expert leads a discussion on a selected topic. Such sessions are important signals as to what issues the senior leadership finds important. The July 29, 2022 session focused on cultivation of high quality personnel in the military forces to build a “world-class military”.

Central Political Bureau of the CCP 中共中央政治局
Reunification Has Entered an Irreversible Historical Process

This speech by Taiwan Affairs Office director Liu Jieyi at a seminar on cross-Strait relations held in the wake of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan reaffirms the official Party line that “reunification” is integral to China’s goal of achieving “national rejuvenation.”

Liu Jieyi 刘结一
Notice of the State Council on Distributing the Package of Policies and Measures for Solidly Stabilizing the Economy

In response to economic uncertainty and instability in China brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and the Ukraine crisis, this State Council Notice outlines several measures aimed at stabilizing the economy, including adjustments to fiscal and monetary policies, as well as directives to secure supply chains and energy supplies. Notices such as these are promulgated to all levels of government throughout the country as policy directives.

State Council 中华人民共和国国务院
Is China Forcing the U.S. Toward "Strategic Clarity" in Its Taiwan Policy?

The vice-president of the National Association for Hong Kong and Macau Studies argues that Beijing has moved towards its own position of “strategic clarity” on Taiwan policy.

Liu Zhaojia 刘兆佳
Study Q&A | 83. Why is political security the foundation of national security?
学习问答 | 83.为什么说政治安全是国家安全的根本?

This is translation of a section of a Q&A series explaining theories from Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, published in the People’s Daily. This section deals with the concept that political security is inseparable from national security, explaining that “political security is directly connected to the life and death of the Party and country”.

Chen Yixin: Taking the Defense of the “Two Affirmations” and Achieving the “Two Upholds” as the Fundamental Requirement of Political Work on the Politics and Law Front

Chen Yixin, a high-ranking official at the Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission and a possible candidate to take the top spot at the commission at the 20th Party Congress, penned a long, and often hagiographic, analysis of Xi Jinping in a July edition of Study Times, a daily newspaper run by the Central Party School.

Chen Yixin 陈一新