习近平在中共中央政治局第十一次集体学习时强调 加快发展新质生产力 扎实推进高质量发展
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Xi Jinping Emphasizes Accelerating the Development of New Qualitative Productive Forces to Solidly Promote High-Quality Development during the Eleventh Collective Study Session of the CCP Central Committee Politburo

习近平在中共中央政治局第十一次集体学习时强调 加快发展新质生产力 扎实推进高质量发展

The CCP Politburo holds “collective study sessions” on a semi-regular basis, in which an outside academic or government expert leads a discussion on a selected topic. Such sessions are important signals as to what issues the senior leadership finds important. The eleventh collective study session of the 20th Central Committee Politburo was held on January 31, 2024 and was presided over by Xi Jinping. At this session, Xi delivered a speech emphasizing the urgency of accelerating high-quality development through technological innovation, with a focus on upgrading advanced manufacturing, deploying clean technologies, and building better talent pipelines in the science and technology fields.

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The Political Bureau of the CCP Central Committee conducted its eleventh collective study session on the afternoon of January 31st, focusing on solidly promoting high-quality development. Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CCP Central Committee, presided over the study and emphasized the need to remember that high-quality development is the hard truth of the new era. It is essential to fully implement the new development concept, accelerate the construction of a modern economic system, advance high-level technological self-reliance and self-improvement, accelerate the formation of a new development pattern, coordinate the promotion of deep-level reforms and high-level opening up, coordinate high-quality development and high-level security, and other strategic tasks. It’s also crucial to perfect the assessment and evaluation system that promotes high-quality development to lay a solid foundation for promoting high-quality development. Developing new qualitative productive forces is an inherent requirement and an important focus for promoting high-quality development. It is essential to continue to excel in innovation, promoting the rapid development of new qualitative productive forces.


During this collective study session of the Political Bureau, comrades from the Political Bureau studied independently and exchanged work experiences. Comrades Ma Xingrui, He Lifeng, Zhang Guoqing, and Yuan Jiajun made speeches related to their work areas and local responsibilities. Liu Guozhong and Chen Min’er submitted written speeches, and everyone engaged in discussions.


The study session was presided over by Xi Jinping, who made important remarks. He pointed out that since the new era, the CCP Central Committee has made a series of significant decisions and deployments, making high-quality development a consensus and conscious action across the Party and society, becoming the main theme of economic and social development. In recent years, China has achieved fruitful results in technological innovation, and the effectiveness of innovation-driven development has become increasingly apparent; the coordination and balance of urban and rural regional development have significantly improved; reform and opening up have been deepened in all aspects, with development vitality bursting forth; significant achievements have been made in green and low-carbon transformation, accelerating the shift in development modes, and high-quality development has achieved noticeable results. However, factors constraining high-quality development still exist in large numbers, which should be highly valued and effectively resolved.


Xi Jinping emphasized that high-quality development requires guidance from new theories of productive forces, and new qualitative productive forces have formed in practice, demonstrating strong driving and supporting forces for high-quality development. It is necessary to summarize and generalize this from a theoretical perspective to guide new development practices. In summary, new qualitative productive forces are led by innovation, breaking away from traditional economic growth modes and paths of productive force development. They feature high technology, high efficiency, high quality, and conform to the new development concept of advanced productive forces. They are born from revolutionary technological breakthroughs, innovative configurations of productive elements, and deep transformation and upgrading of industries. They are based on the leap in workers, means of labor, and labor objects and their optimized combination, with a significant increase in total factor productivity as the core sign. Their characteristic is innovation, the key is quality, and the essence is advanced productive forces.


Xi Jinping pointed out that technological innovation can give rise to new industries, new models, and new momentum, serving as the core element in developing new qualitative productive forces. It is necessary to strengthen technological innovation, especially original and disruptive technological innovation, to achieve high-level technological self-reliance and self-improvement, win the battle for key core technologies, and see the emergence of original and disruptive technological innovations, cultivating new drivers for the development of new qualitative productive forces.


Xi Jinping emphasized the need to promptly apply technological innovation results to specific industries and industrial chains, transform and upgrade traditional industries, cultivate and strengthen emerging industries, layout and construct future industries, and improve the modern industrial system. It is important to focus on developing new qualitative productive forces in the layout of industrial chains, enhancing the resilience and security level of industrial chains and supply chains, and ensuring the industrial system is autonomous, controllable, and secure and reliable. It is necessary to focus on advancing new industrialization and accelerate the construction of manufacturing powerhouses, quality powerhouses, cyber powerhouses, digital China, and agricultural powerhouses, scientifically layout technological and industrial innovation. Efforts should be made to develop the digital economy, promote deep integration of the digital economy with the real economy, and create internationally competitive digital industry clusters.


Xi Jinping pointed out that green development is the underlying tone of high-quality development, and new qualitative productive forces themselves are green productive forces. It is essential to accelerate the green transformation of development modes, aiding in achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality. Firmly establish and practice the concept that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, unswervingly follow the path of ecological priority and green development. Accelerate green technological innovation and the application of advanced green technologies, strengthen green manufacturing, develop green services, expand the green energy industry, develop green and low-carbon industries and supply chains, and construct a green, low-carbon circular economy system. Continuously optimize economic policy tools supporting green and low-carbon development, leverage the role of green finance, and create efficient ecological and green industry clusters. Simultaneously, vigorously advocate a green and healthy lifestyle across society.


Xi Jinping emphasized that the relations of production must be adapted to the requirements of productive force development. To develop new qualitative productive forces, it’s necessary to further deepen reforms comprehensively, forming new production relations that match them. Deepen reforms of economic and technological systems, focusing on unblocking constraints on the development of new qualitative productive forces, establishing a high-standard market system, innovating ways of allocating production factors, and allowing various advanced and high-quality production factors to flow smoothly towards developing new qualitative productive forces. At the same time, expand high-level opening up to create a favorable international environment for developing new qualitative productive forces.


Xi Jinping emphasized the need to unblock the positive cycle of education, S&T, and talent according to the requirements of developing new qualitative productive forces, and improve the working mechanisms for talent training, introduction, utilization, and rational flow. According to new trends in S&T development, optimize the discipline settings and talent training models of higher education institutions to cultivate urgently needed talents for developing new qualitative productive forces and promoting high-quality development. Improve the mechanism for the participation of elements in income distribution, stimulate the vitality of labor, knowledge, technology, management, capital, data, and other productive factors, better reflect the market value of knowledge, technology, and talent, and create a favorable atmosphere that encourages innovation and tolerates failure.


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