习近平在中共中央政治局第十二次集体学习时强调 大力推动我国新能源高质量发展 为共建清洁美丽世界作出更大贡献
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Xi Jinping Emphasizes Vigorously Promoting High-Quality Development of New Energy in China to Make Greater Contributions to Building a Clean and Beautiful World during the 12th Collective Study Session of the CCP Central Politburo

习近平在中共中央政治局第十二次集体学习时强调 大力推动我国新能源高质量发展 为共建清洁美丽世界作出更大贡献

The CCP Politburo holds “collective study sessions” on a semi-regular basis, in which an outside academic or government expert leads a discussion on a selected topic. Such sessions are important signals as to what issues the senior leadership finds important. The 12th collective study session of the 20th Central Committee Politburo was held on February 29, 2024 and was presided over by Xi Jinping. At this session, Xi delivered a speech emphasizing the need to improve China’s energy security through the development and deployment of clean energy technologies. These efforts will enable China, Xi posits, to achieve sustainable growth at home and become a leader in combating climate change globally.

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On the afternoon of February 29, the Political Bureau of the CCP Central Committee conducted its 12th collective study session on new energy technology and China’s energy security. General Secretary Xi Jinping, who presided over the session, emphasized that energy security is crucial for the overall economic and social development. Actively developing clean energy and promoting the green and low-carbon transformation of the economy and society have become a global consensus in addressing climate change. He advocated for seizing the opportunity to vigorously promote the high-quality development of new energy in China, providing a secure and reliable energy guarantee for the construction of Chinese-style modernization and making greater contributions to building a clean and beautiful world.


Professor Liu Jizhen, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of the National Key Laboratory for New Energy Electric Power Systems, explained the issue and offered work suggestions. Members of the Politburo listened attentively to the presentation and engaged in discussion.


Xi Jinping delivered an important speech after listening to the explanation and discussion. He noted the accelerated construction of China’s new energy system and the continuous strengthening of energy security foundations since the 18th Party Congress, providing robust support for economic and social development. He also acknowledged the immense demand pressure, supply constraints, and the arduous task of green and low-carbon transformation facing China’s energy development. To overcome these challenges, the way forward lies in vigorously developing new energy.


Xi Jinping stressed China’s rich resources in wind and solar power and the immense potential for new energy development. With sustained efforts and accumulation, China has become a global leader in several new energy technologies and equipment manufacturing levels. It has built the world’s largest clean electricity supply system, and products like new energy vehicles, lithium batteries, and photovoltaics have gained strong competitiveness in the international market. With these foundations, China has become a significant promoter of global energy development transformation and climate change response.


Xi Jinping pointed out the importance of coordinating the development of new energy with national energy security, emphasizing planning, top-level design, and overall coordination. He highlighted the need to balance new and traditional energy, macro and micro aspects, government and market forces, and the development and utilization of energy resources to promote the high-quality development of new energy.


Xi Jinping called for aiming at the forefront of global energy technology, focusing on key energy areas and significant needs, selecting reasonable technological paths, leveraging China’s new national system advantages, strengthening joint research on core technologies, enhancing the transformation and application of scientific research achievements, and nurturing the energy technology and its related industries into new growth points for China’s industrial upgrading and new productive forces development.


He also emphasized the necessity of further building new energy infrastructure networks, advancing intelligent transformation of power grid infrastructure and construction of smart microgrids, and improving the grid’s acceptance, allocation, and regulation capabilities for clean energy. Speeding up the construction of a charging infrastructure network system to support the rapid development of new energy vehicles was highlighted.


Lastly, Xi Jinping stressed the importance of deepening international cooperation in new energy technology innovation, promoting orderly new energy industrial chain cooperation, building a new win-win model for energy green and low-carbon transformation, participating deeply in the reform of international energy governance, and advocating for the establishment of a fair, just, balanced, and inclusive global energy governance system.


He concluded by emphasizing the need for China to achieve technological self-reliance and strength, to grasp the direction of current technological development, to insist on self-reliance, and to enhance the efficiency of investment in S&T innovation.


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