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Speech Delivered by Xi Jinping at the First Session of the 13th National People’s Congress


Xi Jinping delivered this speech to the first session of the 13th National People’s Congress (NPC) a few months after receiving a second term as Chinese Communist Party general secretary at the 19th Party Congress.

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Fellow deputies,


I was elected at this session to continue to serve as the President of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the trust placed on me by all deputies and Chinese people of all ethnic groups.


It is a glorious mission and weighty responsibility to take on this great position of PRC President. I will, as always, faithfully fulfill my responsibilities empowered by the Constitution, be loyal to the motherland and the people, perform my duty scrupulously, do all my best, be diligent at work, and stay devoted and dedicated. I will continue to serve as a servant of the people, accept supervision by the people, and will absolutely not betray the great trust from all deputies and Chinese people of all ethnic groups.


No matter how high a position one holds, all personnel of state organs should keep firmly in mind that our republic is the People’s Republic of China, always put the people in the most prominent place in their hearts, always serve the people wholeheartedly, and always work hard for the people’s interests and happiness.


Fellow deputies,


People are the creators of history; people are real heroes. The magnificent development history of the Chinese nation was written by the Chinese people! The extensive and profound Chinese civilization was created by the Chinese people! The spirit of the Chinese nation, which has been kept fresh and alive throughout history, was cultivated by the Chinese people! The endeavor of the Chinese people has led to a tremendous transformation of the Chinese nation: it has stood up, grown rich, and is becoming strong!


The character and talent of the Chinese people have fostered the Chinese civilization with a history of thousands of years. It has also exerted a far reaching influence on the development of China and on the ethos of the Chinese people nowadays. The great national spirit, fostered, passed down and developed by the Chinese people during their long-term struggle, has offered a strong impetus for the development of China and the human civilization.


— The Chinese people are people with great creativity. During the thousands of years of history, the Chinese people have always been laboring, innovating and creating with diligence. Our country has been the birthplace of world-renowned great thinkers such as Laozi, Confucius, Zhuangzi, Mencius, Mozi, Sunzi and Han Feizi. The Chinese people’s magnificent scientific achievements such as paper-making, gunpowder, printing and compass have profoundly influenced the progress of the human civilization. We created great art works of the Book of Songs, the songs of Chu Kingdom, the rhyme prose of Han Dynasty, the poetry of Tang Dynasty, the iambic verses of Song Dynasty, the drama of Yuan Dynasty and the novels of Ming and Qing dynasties; we passed down the powerful Epic of King Gesar, the Epic of Manas and the Epic of Jangar; we built the mighty projects of the Great Wall, the Dujiang Weir, the Grand Canal, the Forbidden City and the Potala Palace. Today, the creativity of the Chinese people are being unleashed to an extent like never before, which has been enabling our country to develop rapidly and stride forward at the forefront of the world. I am confident that as long as the over 1.3 billion Chinese people keep on developing such great creativity, we will definitely create miracles one after another!


— The Chinese people are people with great spirit of struggle. Over the past thousands of years, the Chinese people have been discarding the old and introducing the new. Our pursuit of progress has never paused. We have developed and built an immense and beautiful country, and explored vast expanse of territorial seas. We have opened up extensive and productive cropland, reined in numerous rampant rivers, and overcome countless natural disasters. We have constructed towns and villages scattered all over the country and developed a complete range of industries. Varied and colorful lives have taken shape. The Chinese people have been aware since ancient times that we cannot sit idle and enjoy the fruits of others’ work, and happiness can only be achieved through great endeavor. What the Chinese people have achieved stems from ingenuity and expertise, hard work, and enormous sacrifices. I believe as long as more than 1.3 billion Chinese people uphold the great struggling spirit, we will definitely fulfill the great goal of creating a better life.


— The Chinese people are people with great spirit of cherishing unity. Over the past thousands of years, the Chinese people have been united and stuck together through thick and thin. We have built a united country with various nationalities, developed harmonious relationships between 56 diverse, interwoven ethnic groups, formed a big Chinese family where they keep watch for and help defend each other. Especially since modern times, in face of critical and grave foreign invasion, all ethnic groups stood hand in hand and fought heroically and painfully to defeat all extremely vicious invaders and safeguard the national independence and freedom, jointly drawing a magnificent epic of defending the Chinese nation against foreign aggression. Today, China, with all ethnic groups striving with one heart, has achieved extraordinary accomplishments. The Chinese people have learned from our own experience that only when we are united can we be strong and march forward, and a divided country will not progress. I believe as long as more than 1.3 billion Chinese people uphold the great spirit of unity, we will definitely forge an unstoppable and invincible force.


— Chinese people are people with great spirit of pursuing dreams. Over a history of thousands of years, Chinese people have always held fast to their dreams and make endless efforts. Not only have we formed the ideal of living a well-off life, but also an aspiration for the common good. Ancient Chinese mythologies, such as Pangu creating the world, Nyuwa patching up the sky, Fuxi drawing eight diagrams, Shennong tasting herbs, Kuafu chasing the sun, Jingwei filling up the sea and Yugong removing mountains,deeply reflect Chinese people’s perseverance in dauntlessly pursuing and realizing dreams. It is Chinese people’s firm belief that no matter how high a mountain is, if you keep climbing, you will reach the top; no matter how long a road is, if you keep walking, you will reach your destination. Since modern times began, to realize the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation has become the greatest dream of Chinese nation. Chinese people never yield despite reverses, and they stand firm and indomitable. With the spirit of fighting the enemy to the last minute, the resolve of recovering the lost on the basis of self-reliance, and the ability of rising up among the community of nations, the Chinese people have made continuous efforts for more than 170 years to fulfill the great dreams. Today, we are closer, more confident, and more capable than ever before in making the goal of national rejuvenation a reality. I believe that as long as more than 1.3 billion Chinese people keep carrying forward this great spirit of pursuing dreams, we can and will realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


Comrades, having such great people, nation and ethos is our pride, our spiritual strength to keep the confidence in the path, theory, system, and culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics, as well as the prime force to drive us forward in spite of all difficulties. China is a socialist country of people’s democratic dictatorship under the leadership of the working class based on an alliance of workers and farmers; it is a country where all power of the state belongs to the people. We must base our efforts on the interests of the people, ensure the principal status of the people, humbly learn from the people, and heed to their needs and draw on their wisdom. We must ensure that it is the basic criterion of our work that whether we can gain people’s backing, acceptance, satisfaction and approval. We must focus our efforts in addressing the most pressing, most immediate issues that concern the people the most. We must also ensure that all Chinese people could share the happiness and pride in the historic course of national rejuvenation.


Fellow deputies,


Only when people have faith, will the nation have a bright future and strength. Now socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, the hard-working, brave Chinese people have shown more confidence, self-respect and self-improvement. China, a nation in the East that is both ancient and modern, is full of vigor and undergoes great changes. The path, theory, system and culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics have radiated with great vitality, while miracles keep happening in our land. We have full confidence in our future.


History has proven and will continue to prove that only socialism can save China and only by adhering to and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics will we realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Both China and the world are in the midst of profound and complex changes. China is still in an important period of strategic opportunity for development. We have a favorable development environment that was unimaginable before, but we still face unprecedented difficulties and challenges. At the 19th National Congress, the CPC has drawn up a splendid blueprint for securing a decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, embarking on a new journey to fully build a modern socialist country and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. It will be another Long March to materialize the blueprint. Although we have a long way to go, we are left with limited time and not allowed to be slack. We must not be satisfied with the status quo, indulge ourselves in ease and comfort, or let delight dispel worries. We must stay true to our original aspiration, hold on to our mission, strive to accomplish, so as to make outstanding achievement in the new era.


We should adapt ourselves to the new historic juncture for the development of our country, act in response to the evolution of the principal contradiction in Chinese society, uphold the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, fully implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and the second and third plenary sessions of the 19th CPC Central Committee. We should follow the guide of Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, the Theory of Three Represents, the Scientific Outlook on Development, and the Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. We should remain committed to the underlying principle of pursuing progress while ensuring stability, stick to the people-centered development vision, plan great struggle, great project, great cause, and great dream as a whole, ensure coordinated implementation of the five-sphere integrated plan, and the four-pronged comprehensive strategy, so as to break a new ground for the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics for the new era.


Our goal is to build China into a great modern socialist country that is prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced, harmonious, and beautiful by the middle of the century.


We will devote more energy and take more concrete measures in deepening reform in all areas, expanding opening up, applying a new vision of development, promoting high-quality economic development and developing a modernized economy to increase China’s economic and technological strength, and composite national strength, so as to better demonstrate the vitality of the socialist market economy.


We will devote more energy and take more concrete measures in developing socialist democracy, upholding the unity of Party leadership, the running of the country by the people, and law-based governance, building a country of socialist rule of law, promoting the modernization of China’s system and capacity for governance, consolidating and developing the broadest possible patriotic united front, to ensure that people enjoy the democratic rights in a broader, fuller and more genuine way, so as to better demonstrate the strength of socialist democracy.


We will devote more energy and take more concrete measures in developing a great socialist culture in China, cultivating and observing core socialist values, and promoting the creative evolution and innovative development of fine traditional Chinese culture, so as to better demonstrate the influence of the Chinese civilization, and its power to unite and ability to inspire.


We will devote more energy and take more concrete measures in ensuring and improving people’s living standards, strengthening and developing new approaches to social governance, resolutely winning the battle against poverty, promoting social fairness and justice, making steady progress in ensuring people’s access to childcare, education, employment, medical services, elderly care, housing, and social assistance, so as to better demonstrate the realization of common prosperity for everyone in people’s real life.


We will devote more energy and take more concrete measures to advance the building of an ecological civilization, accelerate efforts to develop green production and ways of life, and work harder to tackle prominent environmental problems. We will make the skies of our country more blue, mountains more green, waters more clear and the environment more beautiful so that the concept that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets is better demonstrated on the great land of our country.


We will stick to the absolute leadership of the CPC over the people’s armed forces and fully implement the Party’s thinking on strengthening the military for the new era. We will continue to enhance the political loyalty of the armed forces, strengthen them through reform and technology, and run them in accordance with law. We will act more quickly to put into place the system of world-class armed forces with Chinese characteristics. We will create a modern combat system with distinctive Chinese characteristics. Our armed forces must be up to shouldering the missions and tasks of the new era entrusted to them by the Party and the people.


We will fully and faithfully implement the policies of “one country, two systems”, “the people of Hong Kong governing Hong Kong”, “the people of Macao governing Macao,” and a high degree of autonomy for both regions. It is imperative to act in strict compliance with China’s Constitution and the basic laws of the two special administrative regions. We will support the governments and chief executives of both regions in exercising law-based governance and pursuing endeavors. We will support Hong Kong and Macao in integrating their own development into the overall development of the country. We will foster greater patriotism and a stronger sense of national identity among the people in Hong Kong and Macao. We will maintain long lasting prosperity and stability in Hong Kong and Macao. We must uphold the one-China principle, stick to the 1992 Consensus, promote peaceful development of cross-Straits relations and expand cross-Straits economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation. We are ready to share the development opportunities on the mainland with our Taiwan compatriots, improve the wellbeing of Taiwan compatriots and advance the process toward the peaceful reunification of China.


It is the shared aspiration of all Chinese people and in the fundamental interests of the Chinese nation to safeguard China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and realize China’s complete reunification. In front of the great national interests and the tide of history, any actions and tricks to split China are doomed to fail. They are certain to meet with the people’s condemnation and the punishment by the history. The Chinese people have the resolve, the confidence, and the ability to defeat secessionist attempts in any form! The Chinese people and the Chinese nation share a common belief that it is never allowed and it is absolutely impossible to separate any inch of territory of our great country from China! (more)


Fellow deputies,


The world we live in is full of hope and full of challenges. The Chinese people have always had the sense of justice and compassion. The Chinese people have always tied their destiny closely to that of the people around the world. The Chinese people have always paid close attention and provided unselfish assistance to people who still live in war, turmoil, hunger, and poverty. The Chinese people are always ready to do their utmost to contribute to the peace and development of humanity. This wish of the Chinese people is sincere. China will never pursue development at the expense of others’ interests. China’s development does not pose a threat to any other country. China will never seek hegemony or engage in expansion. Only those who are accustomed to threatening others see everyone as a threat. The Chinese people’s sincere wish and practical action to contribute to the peace and development of humanity should not be misinterpreted, nor should they be distorted. Justice will prevail!


China will continue to hold high the banner of peace, development, cooperation, and mutual benefit. China will stay on the path of peaceful development, and continue to pursue a mutually beneficial strategy of opening up. China endeavors to uphold international fairness and justice. China advocates that all issues in the world should be settled through consultation among people around the world, and will not impose its will on others. China will continue to actively push forward the Belt and Road Initiative, and strengthen its exchanges and cooperation with countries around the world to let China’s reform and development benefit humanity. China will continue to actively participate in the evolution and construction of the global governance system. China will contribute more Chinese wisdom, Chinese solutions and Chinese strength to the world, to push for building an open, inclusive, clean, and beautiful world that enjoys lasting peace, universal security, and common prosperity. Let the sunshine of a community with a shared future for humanity illuminate the world!


Fellow deputies,


The leadership of the Communist Party of China is the defining feature of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The Party is the highest force for political leadership and the fundamental guarantee of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The Party exercises overall leadership over all areas of endeavor in every part of the country. All political parties, people’s organizations, ethnic groups and people of all sectors across the country should rally closely around the CPC Central Committee, enhance the “Four Consciousnesses,” strengthen the “Four Confidences,” and march forward with one heart and one mind.


To shoulder the historic responsibility of leading the people in the great social revolution, the Communist Party of China must have the courage to reform itself, adhere to the Party’s commitment to serving the public good and exercising power in the interests of the people, step up strict governance over the Party, resolutely clear all types of inaction and corruption, always have a heart-to-heart communion with the people, always share the comforts and hardships with the people, always work hard together with the people, always preserve the character of a Marxist governing party, always remain ahead of the time, and always be the backbone of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation!


Fellow deputies,


As an old Chinese poem goes, “When I glance at the visage of vernal breeze, I know that a thousand flowers of purple and red set spring aglow.” After nearly seven decades of hard work under the leadership of the CPC, our people’s republic has been growing vigorously, and with an entirely new posture, it now stands tall and firm in the East.


The new era belongs to everyone, and we are all its witnesses, creators and builders. No force can stop Chinese people’s march toward realizing their dreams as long as we unite as one and strive together!


We should ride on the mighty driving force of the new era with full steam, steady helmsmanship and strong morale. The giant steamer of Chinese nation bearing the great dreams of the 1.3-billion-plus Chinese people hence will keep summoning difficulties and forging ahead, and setting sail for a long voyage into a future full of hopes successfully!


Thanks to all.


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